Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happiest People

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just MAKE the best of everything.
We are in the Valentines mood. 
During the OSU vs. Nebraska game on Saturday we made a paper heart garland and put it up. 
It made the house festive. 
All dolled up on Sunday morning, I thought I would snap a few pics of the kids. 
I have done this in the past around this time every year and it is fascinating to see the change in each of them from year to year.
The pictures aren't professional but it gives me a chance to try out different poses I have seen and saves alot of money.  I don't expect perfection... but I capture moments. 
Can you believe how they have grown?
This little girl keeps us on our toes.  It's amazing how fast she has grown.  She sure didn't stay
a little immobile baby for long.  Now she has the run of the house and knows it. 
We were up in my bathroom doing the girls hair and she wanted in on the action too.  For the first time she let me curl her hair!  It didn't stay curled for long, but just the thought of her standing still long enough for me to curl it.... is shocking!
(do you like her skirt?  I made it!)

 It's amazing how much this girl has grown in 4 years. 
She is now a little lady and turns 6 in a week! 
(P.S.  I made her skirt too!)
She was a perfect little model giving me pose after pose.  The flash would go off and she would strike another pose.  I believe at one point her back was so arched she was almost doing a back bend. 
Entertaining!!   I need to get her into modeling.  She would be a natural!
Little Man.... adjusting his tie. 
This boy loves to dress up.  He asks to wear a tie to school at least once a week. 
This girl is not a little girl anymore.  Such a lady. 
I love that smile though.  It is hard to coax out of her, but when she smiles my whole world gets better.
 The big kids adore their little sister and it shows. 
I LOVE this picture because it captures how they dote on her night and day.
 And seriously can they be any cuter.  Our little girl LOVES her big brother, and it shows.

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