Sunday, February 3, 2013

Upcycle of a Cookie Sheet

Do you have a cookie sheet that you are just too embarrassed to use?
I have one of those.  I blame it completely on my husband. 
He took it out of my house to use on the grill and it has never been the same.  My brain started turning (which is never a good thing as far as Nate's concerned) when I walked into my son's room on Tuesday and for the LAST time I picked up the corkboard that fell off his wall once again for the hundredth time.  I decided I wasn't going to put it up again. 
I have corkboards downstairs in the office that won't be coming off the wall even if I wanted them too.  But this corkboard won't stay on his wall if my life depended on it.
Instead of putting it back up, I started to think about this cookie sheet and the corkboard... and here is the brainchild of the two. 
I took the cookie sheet and sprayed it with chalkboard paint. 
I am in love with chalkboard paint.  Always looking for an excuse to use it in a project.
Okay who I am I kidding, I like paint period.  Any excuse to go into the garage and spray paint something I am on it! 
Then I took the cookie sheet and drilled two holes in the pan.  The hardest part was trying to figure out the drill.  Nate loves it when I use his power tools.  This time I didn't have to call him and ask him how to get the drill bit in.  I am learning. 
 I made two holes.  One in each top corner. 
Then I ran a long piece of ribbon through each hole and tied it in the back. 
 The next step was to super glue (because this corkboard is NEVER going to fall off again) the corkboard to the cookie sheet.  I strategically put it towards the top to cover the ribbon that is strung through the holes.  I left the bottom empty so we could use it for magnets or to write notes in chalk.  
{the blank wall where the corkboard never stayed up} 
The end product.  All of his things are back up on the wall and now he has a ledge for some of his Star Wars Lego Guys. 
Bubba was stoked to see this in his room.  He noticed it right away and LOVED that momma wrote "Let the Force be With You." 
I think I may have gotten a "You are the coolest mom ever!!"
I am so glad that my kids get excited over the smallest little things. 
Daddy was not as excited.  He was wondering now what he is going to use on the grill. 
NOT my cookie sheets!  LOL
Material I used:
Corkboard (recycled the one that kept falling down)
Cookie Sheet (recycled a very ugly looking one)
superg glue
chalkboard paint


  1. Good work Lynn! Is that nates Eagle Scout picture too ? :)

  2. You noticed. I don't think Nate noticed. His aunt sent him the picture in his birthday card so I put it in Xavier's room to inspire him on getting his patches.