Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warm my Soul

We are back into the routine of our week after a fun 4 day weekend in Ohio. 
It is amazing how just a few days back at "home" can rejuvenate me. 
Talking over the phone with mom just isn't the same as
having coffee in the morning or a beer at night and just talking. 
The sunsets and sunrises are so pretty at my mom's house too. 
Occasionally we get a glimpse of a beautiful sunset at our house in the city, but
painted skies streaked with purples and pinks are abundant in the country at my mom's. 
 I wasn't prepared to pack for the trip though. 
Uncharacteristic for me, I waited to pack until the last day.  GASP**
This is the norm for most people but for me who starts pulling things out of the closets a week in advance, I felt unprepared.  Life got busy and soon it was Thursday and I had only packed 2 of the 5 of us.  Nate wasn't able to take the time off so he stayed home keeping my bed (and the recliner) warm.  So Thursday night after school valentine's parties and date night with my hubby, I tried to focus my mind on packing.  Two martinis made this impossible, so I forgot a lot of stuff this trip.  We survived anyway though.

 We were lucky to spend alot of time with my nephews and sisters this weekend. 
The boys came over with my little sister Friday night and I persuaded my sister to let my mom and I to babysit them on Saturday night while they had a party to attend.  It takes a while for my nephews to warm up to strangers (because that is what I am for the first couple hours since they only see me a few times a year) and then after that they will ask for help and not be so shy. 
Of course with my kids they are not shy.  All the kids were running around the house and
raising alot of dust in my mom's clean house.  Bubba was doing his best at teaching the boys all things boy-like.  Such as wrestling, the art of growling like a lion, and number one boy talent learning all the most annoying sounds in the world.  He's a good teacher.  I have never seen the boys so wound up.  My sister is going to hate me.   
They had their quiet moments where they would see how many kids fit under Mama Judy's desk....
 or playing lalaloopsy with Gigi's new birthday gifts...
or coloring.
These were intermixed with the not so quiet moments.

Ring around the Rosey...  
and our pajama dance party!!
We ended the night watching Dumbo.  Mom and I had the kids all arranged around the family room with pillows and blankets.  By 10 pm I had two of mine snoring, so I took my kids to bed and fell fast asleep before my sister and brother-in-law were even home.  Pathetic. 

Sunday morning we awoke to a light dusting of snow on the ground as we headed to church. 
It just made the sunrise even prettier.
 Sunday afternoon I spent over my in-laws.  The kids got to play with even more cousins and had fun playing dress up.  Megan had gotten into Grandma Edna's old clothes and every kid was wearing something fancy. 
 There was lots of cousin love going around.
 These two are growing up WAY too fast.

Nothing is better than cousin kisses!!!
On Monday I had to pack up our stuff and head out, but not before my sister brought out donuts and maple twists to mom's for breakfast.  The kids ran around using some energy up before sitting in the car for 7 hours. 
Mommy was a tired girl when we pulled into the driveway Monday afternoon, but a weekend back in Ohio is just what I needed.  Can't wait for Easter!!

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