Monday, January 28, 2013


Oh the joys of listening into my children's conversations. 
GiGi:  {comes into the room all dressed up in 'Gigiesque" attire}
Do you know Rosie that I am famous?
{this is where she proceeds to do a little twirl to show Rosie just how FAMOUS she is}
Rosie:  YOU are not famous.
Gigi:  Yes, I am.  Mom said I was famous.
Rosie:  {with the ever present eye roll}
Mom said you were fabulous NOT famous. 
ONLY Justin Beiber and Dinosaur Sue is famous.
Gig:  Who is Dinosaur Sue? 
OMG ... I was cracking up laughing. 
Where do they come up with this stuff.

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  1. I love your fabulous little girls. They are so cute! That smile must melt you heart every day!