Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ignite the Spark

So my goal today was to complete my first "assignment" for the One Little Word Class.
I felt very studious.
While Lil Miss was down for her nap I started.
The assignment (after you pick your word for the year) is to come up with Intentions & Actions to go with every month. 
The intentions were alot harder to come up with than the actions. 
I am not sure where this project is going to lead me through the year so some months are very open in their intentions while others are very specific, such as June is Spark Creativity; 30 days of being creative. 
So far I am really enjoying this. 
Pushing myself in my thinking process and out of my comfort zone. 
 I am looking forward to where this reflection over the year leads me. 
Also had a fun time creating my assignment.  I haven't picked up cats eye chalk or my paper trimmer in a while.  It was nice to dust off my scrapbooking supplies. 
It was nice that te instructor gave us pretty specific prompts on how to put our intentions and actions together.  I didn't really push the envelope on that, but I did have fun playing around with the look of mine. 
January is Ignite the Spark.
I used the bible verse Timothy 4:12 to lead me in my directions of this month.
Don't let anyone think
less of you because you are
young.  Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you
live, in your love, your faith, an your purity. 
For me, I relate to this verse because I feel like I am not
taken seriously. Not because I am young, but because I am
a stay at home mom.  Just because I am not in a work
environment doesn't mean I can't make a huge impact
in the world.  It starts though with my actions, my words, and
the behavior I set forth. 
My intention for this month Ignite the Spark inside of me... and ever month there after.


  1. Hi
    I loved reading about how your family came together. And your OLW project is looking lovely. I wish you all the best.

  2. Good for you!! My word is STAND. Stand UP - Stand OUT - Stand Still - Stand Down - Stand Firm (in my faith). Look forward to seeing what you do this year! Following you on Instagram.