Saturday, January 12, 2013

Partly Cloudy.... Chance of Rain

Where did this week go? 
I am sitting here at the computer on a Saturday night (oh yes its a happening saturday night in the Schulte household), and can't believe that half of January is gone already. 
It seems like it was just New Years. 
Someone hit the fast forward button and time is moving WAY too fast. 
This week held some rather mild weather for winter so we took advantage and I sent the kids out to play as much as I could.  Yes we still had remnants of snow drifts on the ground, but they were the ugly melting mounds of dirty snow that left one feeling blah.
Speaking of weather (nice segway Lynn!)  Bubba learned a little about the weather this week. 
His boy scout troop took a field trip to a local news station on Monday night. 
Bubba was so excited when he got home.  He told me all about the green wall and that they sat at a big table where the two main people sit "who talk". 
On Wednesday night they aired their troop saying "Hello Quad Cities" into the camera.
He could point out the big table where he sat and tell me all the tricks to the weather screen. 
Maybe he has a future as a meteorologist. 
Each boy scout had a chance to use the green screen and see how the weatherman works his magic. 
Pretty cool for a 7 year old.  

This boy had another exciting thing happen this week. 
He lost his first tooth!!!  Oh he was overjoyed as he ran into the van after school. 
"It was about time" was Rosie's response.   
She lost her first tooth at the age of 5, so it is old news for her.
His tooth was so small!!! 
This tooth became loose after he had a run in with Lil Miss's head. 
It didn't phase her but it seemed to loosen Bubba's tooth enough to come out a couple days later.
At school, he apparently used his teeth to pull his gloves on and POP out came his teeny tiny baby tooth.  He placed it under his pillow and the tooth fairy came and brought him a new spiderman tooth brush.  Now Gigi is constantly feeling her teeth to see if they are going to come out. 
Tooth Fairy is going to go broke if they both start losing teeth.  :-)
We had another exciting day this week.  Daddy's birthday!!!
Bubba told me he was turning 45!  Well, he didn't quite turn that number but he is getting old. 
The kids and I went to go get his birthday gift this week after school. 
I took the kids to Dollar General and told them they could get him anything in the whole store. 
One item each.  They chose wisely. 
Rosie picked out a candy called mamba  -- it looks like starburst which is one of daddy's favs.
Bubba almost chose toy handcuffs, but went for Large Smarties instead
(are you sensing a theme)
Gigi picked up Peanut M&M's, something she is allergic too, but she mentioned then that she wouldn't eat them then. 
And Lil Miss walked around the store with me and only went berserk when she saw the Hawaiian Punch and grabbed the largest jug they had. 
Hope daddy likes Hawaiian Punch. 
They each checked out and we headed home to wrap the gifts. 

Of course we got home and the kids couldn't wait to tell dad what they got them. 
There was no wrapping, daddy didn't mind, they one by one gave daddy his most precious gifts.   
To take advantage of the warm weather we took a walk to the park, per dad's request. 
When we got just close enough to the park, dad, bubba, and Gigi took off at a sprint to race to the playground.  Daddy won!!!  I think Bubba let him win since it was his birthday.
We are lucky to have a park within walking distance.  It is fun to go there spontaneously and play around.  When we got back home, I had chili ready in the crockpot. 
{Heart Shaped Cornbread Muffins}

For dessert we headed to one of our new favorite spots. 
Peach Wave.  Their frozen yogurt always hits the spot.  
And their orange couches are too cute!!  
Me and Lil Miss shared a cup of 1/2 cupcake yogurt and 1/2 red velvet yogurt with kit kat on top for me and sprinkles for her.  I always share my yogurt with her because it takes away the guilt of eating dessert.  If I share it isn't that bad, right?  lol
Daddy spent his birthday doing his favorite things. 
We got in lots of cuddles because today he headed for Brazil on a work trip and will be gone all week.  We will try to survive without him. 
I have decided not to start any big projects while he is gone this time. 
I am only going to clean and organize Nate and I's closets. 
Let's hope that doesn't lead to anything bigger.  Cross my fingers. 

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  1. Stopping by from the January 2013 blog hop! You have such a beautiful family!
    Hope you all have a wonderful week!