Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Baby!

This past weekend, little girl and I took off early Saturday morning for Ottumwa to
help host a baby shower for our friend Angie and her baby girls. 
I decided to take Lil Miss because daddy had his hands full with 4 basketball games and a sleepover so I was doing him a favor by taking her with me.   
We had a beautiful drive with a beautiful sunrise as we drove southwest to O-town.
We got there just in time to put a few decorations and help (keep lil miss out of trouble).
Angie showed up and surprised us with one of the little girls, Josie.  She had just been released from the hospital at one month and a day old. 
What a surprise!!! Her twin sister Ella came home the next day.
 I hadn't seen some of the girls from Ottumwa for a while so it was nice to catch up and mingle. 
We got to hear stories of the girl's birth and the long 12 weeks she was at the hospital.  (8 weeks prior to giving birth and 4 weeks of the girl's in the NICU)

{Lil Miss helped open the gifts.  She also tried to take off with a few acting as if they were hers.}

{One of two quilts I made}
I had been working hard on getting the baby stuff done that I was making. 
I made two baby quilts (one pink and one with purple binding), two burp cloths, and two stuffed giraffes. 

{adding a little love to the baby quilts}

{my first ever attempt at a stuffed animal}
 The whole package. 
I had so much fun making the baby stuff.  The minky fabric I used on the giraffes and burp rags is softer than silk.  I want to make my own minky blanket now.  I can call it my lovey. :-)   
I hope little Josie and Ella like their gifts. 
They were showered with LOTS of diapers. 
It's going to be insane how many they are going to go through  with twins.   
Instead of a game, Steph had seen on pinterest how we could all bring in letters to decorate their the babies nurseries.  We expanded that idea to making the letters there at the shower. 
I hope the ladies had fun, becuase I had fun putting it all together. 
We got all the letters from A to Z in different sizes and Steph painted some with metallic paint. 
I took the E and J and decorated them cute with paint, ribbon and fabric flowers. 
And then the rest of the letters were yarn wrapped by the ladies at the shower. 
I had done the yarn wrapping before for Rosetta's room.  It wasn't that difficult.
It took some explaining, but many of them caught on right away.  
Some of the letters were definately more difficult than others.  

Some of
{Steph hard at work wrapping her letter}
{Mckayla consentrating hard}
 Lil Miss made things difficult when she would take off with someone's ball of yarn and tangle it up in knots around the living room.  She would also carry it around like it was a baby giving it kisses. 
Uh, how can you get mad at that face? 
 {Jody patiently wrapping the yarn}
I thought it was something different and the finished look on the nursery wall is too cute! 
I hope Angie (and Josie) had a good time. 
It was great to pamper them and see them out of the hospital at home finally!!! 
All the girl talk and good food must have been too much for Lil Miss because she was sleeping within 15 minutes of leaving Ottumwa.   

It was some much needed girl time!! 

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