Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinewood Racers

If you had to categorize this weekend it would have to be filed under B for Busy. 
I think it became busier and busier for me as soon as more and more of the kids got sickduring the week.  Lil Miss and I nursed colds the entire week. 
On Wednesday, Rosie came to the van after school and told me that her teacher said her eye was red. 
Sure enough I could tell from the front seat one eye was really red. 
Red flags went up immediately.  Of course I had heard of pink eye, but we had never had it at our house.  Sure enough when we walked into the dr. office that next morning he could tell right away.  AND she had a massive ear infection. 
So we head home with our antibiotics and decide what we are going to do for two days at home from school.  My productivity went way down as we had an excuse to be sacks of potatoes on the couch and relax for a few hours.  While I did feel guilty not doing any laundry or doing much of anything, it was kind of nice to spend some time with my youngest and oldest. 
We had ice cream in the middle of the day and watched movies and had lunch downstairs. 
Fun home from school stuff.
Maybe this is why Bubba tried really hard not to go to school on Friday. 
 But the weekend was a jam packed. 
We had basketball games, a girl scout field trip to make pottery, a birthday party to go to, and Bubba's first pine wood derby.
He was excited.  The boys went Friday night to weigh in the car.  If you don't know there are very explicit instructions to follow.  It must weigh no more than this, wheels must be this far apart and not tampered with, the body can't be any wider than this and so on. 
Bubba's car was right on the dot in weight and fit all the requirements to the tee.
The looks for the overall car was all Bubba. 
We let him pick what he wanted it to look like and what colors he wanted. 
Even though I kept trying to suggest things to him, Nate and I let him make all the decisions.  There wasn't anything over the top about the car.  But he LOVED it. 
He also had a hand in it all.  He sanded, painted, polished the wheels and helped me put on decals and finishing touches.  You can tell some of the cars were definitely more parent influenced, but we both thought it was important for him to have a major part in the car.
The biggest thing the car had to have was a giant X on the top. 
That was a must.  Nate was torn by this because he didn't want it to look like the General Lee, but we used other colors and an asymetrical X and it turned out just the way he wanted it to.
 Nate and Rosie were with him at the derby because Gigi had a basketball game at the exact same time so I missed it.  But I sent Rosie with my camera and she took lots of pics and videos so I didn't miss out. 
 The good thing is that he got a ribbon and patch for participating and that gave him the biggest smile ever!!  Nate got alot more tips and ideas for next year so watch out guys! 
Nate has a trophy from his days of pinewood derby cars and won overall. 
So he and Bubba have alot of work to do. 
{Bubba's car beside his inspiration}
I am now putting an agenda of how to get thorugh the pile of things to file, laundry in my room, and cleaning that should be done this week after goofing off on Thursday and Friday. 
But it was worth it. 

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