Monday, November 26, 2012

Tryptophan Stuper

Well, we are home.
We have made it through the extended holiday weekend. 
Wrong week to start a diet. 
We consumed too much turkey, to much oh so good bread, and WAY too much pumpkin pie. 
Tomorrow it is back to salads and veggies galore. 
We started our holidays on Tuesday as we headed back to Ohio.
Both Grandma Pam and Grandpa Bill were up to greet us when we
walked into the door at 11:30 at night on Tuesday. 
On Wednesday we caught up with all the grandparents.
 We found Waldo....
Opened up early birthday presents (hence the HUGE smile on Rosie's face)
 played a few games of dominoes
 Have I mentioned we ate pumpkin pie?
 And enjoyed the beautiful weather outside for the first few days.
 Oh and there was some loving on Baby Miley who we haven't gotten to see much of. 
What a Cutie!!!
 Lil Miss sure had a good time holding her. 
In fact when her time was up she didn't want to let go. 
Mine, mine, is what she said.   Yes, she knows that word well.  
 Ready for your close up Miss Miley.
 We took advantage of having a babysitter Wednesday night and actually went out. 
Not "out" persay.  Out of the house but not out at a bar or anything. 
We visited with my sister and her family and hung out with my nephews for a bit. 
Since having kids we haven't really had nephew time without my kiddos running around. 
The boys had a GREAT time picking on Uncle Nate.  It was hilarious. 
 Awesome Aunt Lynn made a house out of blocks. 
Then a tree, flowers, a snail, and everything else Lincoln said "make this."
After that we caught up with some college friends and had a good old time way to late into the night. 
I looked at the clock and saw 2 am and grimaced because my children don't get the memo to sleep in.  It was worth it to have some good laughs with friends.
Turkey Day
On Turkey day we got up and got all dolled up for thanksgiving. 
Thanksgiving fell on Lauren's birthday this year, so we had a double celebration at their house.
The kids always have a good time playing with the cousins.
There was football, turkey, more pumpkin pie, and coloring on the tablecloths.
Who could ask for more?  
Megan drew some great portraits. 
Looking good Nate.
 The kids always pick up some new tricks while around the Uncles and cousins and this time was no exception.  Uncle Neil was teaching Lil Miss cheers. 
Next lesson... Bottoms Up.
 I don't get to contribute to much to the holiday meals since I have to travel from so far and making things in my mom's or Pam's kitchen isn't always the most convenient. 
But I did make these with the girls out of ice cream cones. 
Friday we got up and got dressed up for Schulte family pictures. 
The grandkids do very well.
Trying to get 9 grandkids to look into a camera at the same time is tough work so we
rewarded ourselves with lunch out. 
I can't remember the last time we all ate out. 
It's been a long time.
There was a girls table, boys table (for just josh and bubba) and an adult table. 
We have quite the crew.

These two enjoyed the queso dip WAY too much. 
The whole crew. 
After lunch we headed with our bags packed to go visit my famiy for thanksgiving down in Columbus.  We listened to Christmas music and watched a christmas movie on the way down.  Even daddy was in the holiday mood.  It helps that the weather turned chilly overnight. 
From comfortable in long sleeves to bundling up in winter coats and hats. 
Friday night we had the whole Blankemeyer clan together. 
The cousins had a blast playing together. 

There was some wrestling.... 
And of course Lil Miss wanted to join in. 
Sorry Lincoln.  
It was very nice to have us all together and staying in the same town so we weren't rushing off to somewhere.  There was lots of catching up and family bonding. 
We played board games, but not one pinnochole game was played all weekend. 

 And because many of us were having a sleep over at Aunt Kathy's we got in our pajamas and still played.  Love Mason's laugh. 
Best Buds... some of the time.
 On Saturday was the big game. 
OSU vs. Michigan
We were all sporting our scarlet and gray.
Hang on Sloopy was going on all morning as the kids were pressing Kathy's little Brutus.
Before the game the snowflakes started falling. 
It was a perfect day to watch the game inside on Kathy's big TV warming ourselves with white chicken chili.  Sounds pretty perfect. 
Just a few of our buckeye fans. 
Like Father, Like Son. 
After the game, which the good guys won we had a little birthday cake for Rosie who turns 8 this week.  It was a good ending to the day. 
It's just too bad FSU couldn't pull out a win.
{Kathy, Mom, and I}
Sunday morning we woke up and headed home. 
We made a pitstop on campus to see if the crossed out M's were still there and there they were. 
All over campus M's had been crossed out in red tape before the big rivalry.
It was nostalgic driving through campus. 
Alot of campus looks completely different, but Nate and I still knew our way around. 
Then we started our trip back. 
Daddy drove the whole way (thank you) and mommy caught up on much needed sleep and watched Christmas movies with the kids.  It went smoothly. 
My head seems clearer today it must be that I am not in a Tryptophan Stuper anymore with all the turkey.  But luckily I have a small container of mom's dressing to enjoy for lunch.  Yum!!
Now we are home and getting ready for a week of birthday celebrations with Rosie an Bubba. 
We broke daddy down and are having a birthday party for each this year. 
I clearly didn't think this through. 
Should have had one this year and the other next year, but when one gets friends over the other does too.  So bring on the birthday cake and balloons. 

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