Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Here she comes to save the day!!!

My mommy is here. 
Oh if there is anyone who can make me forget Nate is thousands
of miles away and that I'm doing okay holding things together... its my mom.
She walks in the door and Lil Miss forgot I existed.... and now it's all mama. 
Her new best friend.
I have felt super productive having her around. 
Especially when she calls Monday to say she is about 2 hours away and my heart
 skips into hyper mode to get the house picked up and looking somewhat decent. 
Grandma Judy worthy it is not but I disguise it well.
The minute she got here we tackled my to do list with a fervor.
Laundry all done AND put away.... check
Refrigerator cleaned out and organized.... check
Pantry organized.... check
Stove top gleaming like it was brand new..... check
Nate's work pants all mended.... check
craft closets all cleaned up and organized... check
I feel like Super Mom, but I couldn't have done it without my trusty sidekick!!!
Then today when we felt really good crossing so much off the to do list (we fight over who gets to cross things off) we sat down and watched a movie in the middle of the day! 
Of course Lil Miss chose to sit with Mama Judy and not mommy.  :-(
With Grandma Judy here we have so much to be excited about and stay pretty busy but we haven't forgotten Daddy is in Africa.  He flew to Rwanda today and was able to skype us after school for a short period of time.  I got to hear a little about his trip to the genocide museam but the internet connection was pretty spotty so I will have to wait til he gets home to hear more.
 I pulled our world puzzles out of the closet last night and we put them together to see where Daddy is and where we are. 
We got a few more pictures from him as well, but the more pictures I get the more I want to be there. 
It makes me want to schedule our girl trip for next year NOW.
First we have to figure out where we are going because it better be someplace as life changing as what these boys get to experience. 
I am dealing with my jealousy.  :-) 
The video I had posted earlier in the week has been watched here multiple times. 
Lil Miss is truly infatuated. 
She gets up on the chair and watches the Uganda school children's every moves. 
 Tonight after dinner we made some cards for the troops to put in our box of donated Halloween candy to Operation Gratitude.  Grandma Judy was there to help Gigi with her spelling.
 Bubba drew a picture of a G.I. Joe. 
and of course Lil Miss added her personal touches as well.  
Oh and did I tell you that I even had time to get a few crafts done today.
Can't wait to reveal them to you soon.
It's amazing what you can get done with another pair of hands.
And now since all the work is done around the house Mom and I are headed out Christmas shopping tomorrow.  I hope to cross a few people of my list and hers. 
Not sure she can put up with any more of my Christmas music though. 
Can't wait!!!  It's like Christmas for me 7 weeks early! 

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