Thursday, November 8, 2012

Going back to the Classics

So I was inspired.
My mom has talked about her recent trip to London and that lucky girl
got to see 3 musicals.  One of them was one of my favorite,
Les Miserables.
First it made me want to go to a Broadway musical show so bad, especially Les Mis.
Secondly, it made me find my Les Miserables soundtrack in itunes and put it on my iphone
and Thirdly, I downloaded the book and started to read the 60+ hour book right away.
I am now engrossed in the story. 
The soundtrack can be heard in the morning as we do the girls hair and the kids and I belt away to One Day More and Who Am I?  like Broadway stars. 
The hairbrush microphone comes out and we all give the song our best vibratos. 
I am passing on my love of musicals. 
Listening to Les Miserables has inspired me to find some classics for the kids too.
For bedtime we started to read Wizard of Oz before Halloween and next on our list is Peter Pan (Nate's favorite book as a little boy).
I realize that these books get put in the back of shelves now and gather dust but I am planning on dusting them off and educating the kids with some of the same books I grew up reading. 
Winnie the Pooh, Little Women, Dr. Doolittle, Alice in Wonderland, the book list goes on and on.
While listening to Les Miserables I am wooed by the beautiful writing of Victor Hugo and the romantic language of the French.  I find myself repeating words like monsieur,  innkeeper, mademoiselle, louse, and arse.  Just can't find a way to integrate them into my everyday vocabulary. 
Well maybe arse!
Anyway I have caught the Classics bug and plan on continuing to increase my library with Oldies but Goodies.  Any suggestions?
Have you read any classics lately?


  1. Love love love Les Mis...although I think I might get more out of it should I see it again. On my Own - one of my all time favorites!!!

  2. Oh, On my own is a favorite too!!! Mom couldn't sleep last night (too much caffeine) so we went to bed listening to the soundtrack. She likes it as much as I do. :-)