Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

Oh how I love the holidays. 
And this week started the holiday season. 
From now until the end of the year, this momma is in holiday celebration mode.
Cue the Christmas music and gift making.
We can't forget Halloween though.
It's hard to forget when I have mountains of candy in my dining room and
my kids are sleeping in sugar comas upstairs. 
Yesterday as I prepared for Halloween night I got the candy out of the bag and put it in a bowl.
5 minutes later I hear a scrapping of chair on tile and turn around to see that Lil Miss was
discovering the candy in all its glory.
 The smell got to her.
Here she is getting a big old whiff of Halloween goodness. 
We might have a problem.
We had a pleasant surprise this afternoon a neighbor lady dropped off 6 cookies for us
because she wasn't going to be there to pass out candy to my kids. 
Isn't that the sweetest thing?
We are pretty blessed to live by such sweet people.
The older kids had an early out yesterday so by 1:30 when we walked in the door they were begginging to get their costumes on.
We did it in stages.
Rosie was the first one to get ready because we had to apply her green Wicked Witch of the West face.  I had tried to get her to be Glenda the Good Witch, but after she saw the green face paint the fight was over. 
The green face paint made her eyes stand out even more. 
Rosie has the most beautiful eyes.
I am hoping the two drops of green face paint I dripped on her white shirt come out. 
Mommy was distracted by Karate Kid on TV and made a whoops. 
{Obi Wan Kenobi and his sidekick Anakin Skywalker}
By 4:30 the kids were all dressed up and ready to go trick or treating. 
They had to wait an excruciatingly long 30 minutes until they were allowed to knock on any doors. 
In that 30 minutes mommy was actually allowed to snap a few pics. 
All dressed up, it was no problem to get them to flash me a smile.
 {Wicked Witch of the West}
Thanks to my friend Molly on letting me borrow Marvin's graduation gown, Rosie's outfit was complete.  Mommy even painted her hands green.  I only found 3 spots around the house I have to clean green paint off of. Oh well.
And can you guess who Gigi was? 
We had a Wizard of Oz theme for the kids until Daddy ruined it and told Bubba that he didn't want him to be the cowardly lion.  "That isn't cool" he said.   
He is not much for matchy matchy. 
This will be my last year to even try. 
 {Our little Dorothy}
On Gigi's outfit I made the apron and the tutu. 
I think it turned out pretty good. 
She can't wait to wear the ruby slippers to school.
We have an outfit set out this morning to go with them, just so she can show her teacher. 
She was all smiles the whole time she had on her costume.
And Toto's basket doubled as her candy stash.
Oh, and you wonder what Lil Miss was for Halloween.
She was Dorothy's trusty sidekick... The Scarecrow.
Her costume was all made by me.
From the hat to the tutu.  
Now if she only had a brain! 
If you were also wondering if I said quotes from the movie all night..... yes, yes I did.

With the 30 minute wait to go get hoards of candy, mommy got some great shots of the kids. 
They were posing for me and smiling from ear to ear. 
Then about 5 minutes til 5 things got cranky and the waiting became painful.
They could see other houses getting ready for kids with candy outside... and as soon as mommy got her shoes on we were out the door. 
{All ready to shout Trick or Treat!!!}

Mommy and Daddy took turns taking them around the neighborhood to gather sugar that I would later regret.  Our one neighbor is a dentist and each of them got a new toothbrush to use last night after mounds of candy were consumed.

{They are off to go see the wizard!!}
Lil Miss was caught red handed stealing candy from the bowl so she was put inside for a bit to stay away from the sweet stuff.  She had a magnetic attraction last night to sugar. 
I wonder where she gets that from..... NATE.
The night was a success.
The kids buckets were brimming with milky ways, skittles, suckers and a few large size candy bars. 
I was utterly impressed with the loot. 
Can't wait til they go to school and the candy fairy can come and take a few. 
They better watch out!!!
 I can just tell them that the candy was melting. 
"I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!"

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