Sunday, November 18, 2012

An African Adventure Part 2

So Part 1 pulled you in with dazzling scenery and so many wonderful African people. 
Part 2 will reel you in even more!!! 
The landscape of both Uganda and  Rwanda looks amazing!!!  What a beautiful place to visit. 
The group visited some rice farmers and spoke to them during a trust group meeting. 
(Rice Paddies in Uganda)
 {I seriously love the iphone panoramic feature, also love Nate's photography skills!}

{say cheese!!}
Nate took this picture of a little girl because it reminded him of our daughter Gigi. 
Hard to imagine she was that little only 3 years ago!! 
SO darn cute!!!
Rice Farmers Association in Uganda

This is a recent investment for the association.  This was a major technology improvement.  Here is a video of a similar piece of equipment running -

They visited this beautiful market.
So many vibrant colors!!  

 This is where my sweet husband picked up some fabric for me. 
See the 3 fabric bundles she is holding, those are now mine!!!
This woman is a Opportunity client as well, I love to see these women thrive. 
Another business owned by a client of Opportunity.  The bags are full of charcoal.
While in Rwanda they got to see to the opening of a new bank branch. 
They had quite a ceremony with a parade, dancing, and a cake. 

And for the staff of Opportunity in Rwanda a morning devotional is something to get up and celebrate.  Lovely voices!!

 {an Opportunity bank branch in Rwanda}
At the end of the trip, Nate and Scott got a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a Silverback gorilla trek.  The family that they got to see was the Hirwa group.  If you look at the upper left hand side of the picture you see the twins that were in the family (the only group that had twins)!

(Hiking up to the volcano to see the gorillas.)
(Here is a picture of our guide.  The guy on the right carried an AK47 just in case the gorillas or other wildlife needed to be scared away.  They both carried machetes to get through the jungle foliage.)

{Scenery at the base of the volcano--one of Nate's favorite photos}

(The gorilla wasn't cooperating when they said Cheese! ... maybe they should have said Banana!)
(The "boss" of the family weighs 400lbs!)
(Baby gorilla climbing tree that Nate was under.)

(Apparently they didn't want to be in a picture with Scott)

(The twins plus two other kids playing)
 (Heading down the volcano after seeing the gorillas)

(Taking a break to take a picture with Opportunity education director Adele before eating dinner on the last night)

And the parting shot....
I think the guys had a great time in Africa.  I can't wait to hear about it from my brother and brother in law at Thanksgiving.  Even after being roommates with Scott, I think they are still friends.  LOL  Can't wait to schedule a girl trip somewhere.... where in the world should we go??
Any takers for babysitting while I get to go explore the world?


  1. Think there's an Opportunity International branch in Italy? :)

  2. I don't know Brooke. Maybe we kind find an organization that needs help in Fiji? :-)