Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where in the World is Daddy?

It's day 3 of daddy being gone. 
We are coping.  Every time we pull into the driveway and see daddy's
truck the little one goes beserk. 
Then we have to remind her "daddy went bye bye". 

{Lil Miss gave her last few kisses to daddy before we dropped him off at the airport}
He is somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic trying to recover from not sleeping and jetlag. 
We have skype'd him a few times and know he got to Uganda safe. 
Throughout the day yesterday and today he sent us a few pictures so at any moment he doesn't
feel that far away. 
{the plane they took to Addis Ababa}

{picture from their hotel}
Daddy, Uncle Scott, and Uncle Dennis are having a good time male bonding. 
I can't wait to hear all about it when they get back!

But until they get back, the kids and I are finding things to occupy our time.
We picked out 5 of our favorite pieces of candy from our baskets and then donated the rest to Operation Gratitude. 
{there was alot of deliberation over what to keep}
{here was our donation bowl}
Mommy got a fresh new hair color for the fall and chopped 3" off.

{my first attempt at styling wasn't too bad either!}

We stayed busy at basketball games on Saturday. 
Rosie played her first basketball game ever.  (she has always wanted to be a cheerleader instead)
But the girl has obvious talent.  She was the team's best rebounder and was the only girl to make a few baskets during the 15 minute shoot around.  Girl's got Game!!
We had a dance party in mommy and daddy's room and there was some ballroom dancing as well.  Not a way to wind down before bed.  We were laughing so hard I almost pee'd my pants.  They were doing their best impersonations of us.  (I don't really sound like that do I?)  Bubba and Gigi were acting like mommy and daddy and then hopped in our bed and took "our" spots.  I had to kick them into their own beds. 
Oh and then there is the many projects mommy is trying to tackle before daddy gets home.  This would be the current state of my bedroom.  No I wasn't robbed, this is just the contents of 2 of the kids closets which I am trying to reorganize. 
We successfully managed Sunday School this morning. 
I teach Gigi's kindergarten class on Sunday mornings and Rosie and Bubba had to come with me this morning.  Of course this is the week my co-teacher wasn't there, so I needed helpers in the classroom.  They did great, I should bring them every week!
Rosie and me had an impromptu photo shoot this afternoon while the little ones were napping away the day light savings crankies.  She was such a beautiful model.  Can't wait to edit a few.  Hard to believe that this girl is going to be 8 in a few weeks!
When we get cooped up in the house we head to the park to enjoy whats left of fall. 
Mommy even threw some mean spirals to Bubba at the park. 
He tells me all I need to do is practice. 
Good advice buddy!
This girl made me tired going down the slide at least 15 times.  When I took her hat off the static from the slide (it shocked me every time I picked her up) made her hair stick straight up. 
Oh and then we played hide and seek.  It was quite comical when Lil Miss was the finder. 
She is not a bad seeker but tried to go through the arborvitae and not around them!
And just so you know daddy you are missed!!
But, it seems that the kids have taken over your places in the house. 
The kids fight over who gets to sit in your chair down stairs and
each morning you can find 2 or 3 of them snuggled in our bed. 
 {early daylight saving time snuggles -- WAY too early}
Daddy is 9 hours different than us so he is about to wake up and start his day. 
This mommy is going to go clean off the laundry on my bed and call it a night. 

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