Monday, November 19, 2012


I remember my little sister complaining about her glasses the minute she got them. 
My mom might remember it differently, but I don't think it effected me wearing
glasses.  Secretly I think at first I thought they were cool. 
Yes, I was a dork.  Not denying that.
I remember feeling ecstatic when I got my first set of contacts, especially for sports. 
Glasses are a big hindrance when your trying to play a post position in basketball.  
Nate's had glasses his whole life.  At age two he got his first pair and I can only
imagine how hard it was for his mom to keep a pair of glasses on a two year old. 
I think he broke them quite a bit.
Unfortnately he isn't a canidate for LASIK  because of his astigmatism, but glad he pushed me to have it done.  I told him I didn't have to do it until they made it possible for him to have it done, but that day may never come. 
Now we are parents of 3 kids in glasses also.  Lil Miss is the only one lucky enough not to have to wear them.   But know mommy gets to be in that same boat. 
I finally had LASIK surgery this morning. 
Yep, I am writing this blog as I have my lovely protective goggles on that are so fashionable. 
Everyone should get themselves a pair. 
Here is hopefully my last picture with me in glasses.
 Nathan and Lil Miss took me to the appointment. 
Apparently you aren't supposed to drive after the treatment and that is a good
thing after taking a xanax.  At least I wasn't sick.  I was worried since I don't take pain medication well without throwing up that I would be spending the rest of the day over the toilet. 
But instead I was just so very tired. 
Preparing for the surgery. 
They cleaned my eyes and put all the numbing drops in. 
Pretty painless.  It was nice and relaxing. 
Then I went across the hall for the procedure. 
It went really quick and before I knew it I was walking out in less than an hour headed home.
{the nice goggles I scare the kids with}
It is amazing that I can already see without my glasses or contacts. 
I can actually see the TV screen, read a paper from more than 6" away, and pretty much see anything I want.  I don't know what my vision is (post op appt is tomorrow) but I am impressed already. 
Thanks to technology I can see!!!
Let's be glad I can take the goggles off in the morning so I don't have to wear these at
Thanksgiving dinner!!!

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