Saturday, November 10, 2012

{Sew'd it Saturday} -- Angel Wing T-shirt

I bought this cute little shirt for Lil Miss at a thrift store.
I had big plans to add a cute skirt to the bottom like my upcycled tshirt dresses, but then luck would have it, my mom and I were organize all my fabric and I came across a piece of pink felt.
That sparked an idea, that one piece of pink felt.
I envisioned angel wings on the back of that gray shirt I had bought months ago. 
So of course the cleaning and organizing we were in the middle of went to the side and I told my mom "I got an idea."
{in the process of positioning the wings on the shirt}
The angel wings were freehand drawn on the piece of felt.
Actually I drew one wing and traced it on the felt to make two identical wings.
Then I pinned them to the back of the shirt where I wanted them and
started to sew. 

Piece of Cake!!
And in a matter of minutes we had ourselves angel wings. 
I love how they turned out. 
She wore this shirt to the mall Thursday and we got lots of compliments on it.
One lady said "what a beautiful butterfly!"
Another exclaimed "what cute fairy wings!"
only one person said "that is the cutest angel I have ever seen."

So maybe I failed on the execution of the "wings", but I still love the shirt. 
Glad one of my ideas actually worked out just like it was in my head!  lol
That doesn't always happen.

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