Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's the Holiday/Birthday Season

 Oh, it's started.
The holiday season of parties, lights, caroling, and an obscene amount of fatty foods. 
This week we also started a major rush in birthdays in our family.
Rosie celebrated her 8th birthday on Thursday and Bubba celebrates his this coming Thursday.
They have both talked about having a birthday party for the last couple of months.  Actually for the last year.  I remember Rosie in December last year saying who she was going to invite to her birthday party in 12 MONTHS.  What can I say we love birthdays!
We are not a big birthday party kind of family but we like to make it special.
They go to all their classmates parties at Monkey Joe's and Incredible Pizza and all these cool places and then this mommy feels so mean for never doing the "BIG" parties. 
Do you know how expensive that is?
So last year Bubba ended up going to someone else's birthday party instead of having one himself (as I write that it sounds really bad but he had alot of fun) and Rosetta had three girls over for a few hours.  So after much convincing this year, daddy finally relented to letting the two older kids have a birthday party.  Rosie wanted a sleepover and pedicures. 
So girly.
Bubba asked to go swimming.  No easy task in early December.
So this mommy set out on a mission to create wonderful birthday parties for each. 
On Rosie's actual birthday we were pretty low key since her big bash was the next night. 
She asked for Hamburgers with an egg on top for her special meal. 
Yep, that's right. An Egg.
We make unusual meals for the kids sometimes and sometimes they really love them. 
Daddy cleaned out the grill just for the occasion and we grilled in the dark for supper.

Daddy even grilled the buns!   
For dessert we decided to go to Coldstone for ice cream. 
We were going to be on cake overload after the weekend so ice cream was a nice change. 
The previous night Nate had put together her new bike while watching the Duke vs. Ohio State basketball game.  What a Daddy!
The birthday girl had a hard time getting to sleep that night from all the excitement but finally crashed from exhaustion. 
After school she paced by the door until her 7 friends were here. 
As they started to arrive the squeals and giggles got louder and LOUDER.
I had created a girl haven downstairs with tables and centerpieces, decorations, and everything girly.   
{All ready for the party}
This mommy cleaned off my entire sewing table and stashed it all away just to make a nice area for her girls to play, eat, dance and do cartwheels.  My sewing "stuff" is now in a big heap in the craft closet.  On agenda tomorrow, clean craft closet out.
 Nate stayed upstairs with our three other kids and I was on girl party duty. 
We had pizza, and cake and then while we were watching movies later ... popcorn. 
 {it was one bright cake}
Can't believe we have a daughter who is 8!!!
Time has flown so fast... where did it go? 
She went from a girl who plays with barbies to a girl who only wants makeup and her nails done.
Nate is not ready for this stage.  LOL 
Mommy is not ready for this stage either. 
I want to keep my daughter as little as I can for as long as possible.  But time and society is against me.  I am trying my hardest though to keep her young.
 Her friends brought over some great gifts and she was ecstatic over each and every one.  
 Bubba grabbed his DS to take pictures of the gift opening.
Lots of purses, lip gloss, drawing markers, and anything with sequins!!!
{the crew}
 The girls played pictionary and I was amazed out how good they were at drawing. 

{Little Divas}
The night was a success.
I had had nightmares about drama and tears and girls not being able to sleep, but in the end it all went so smoothly.  Actually I had planned for so many activities we didn't even have time to do them all.
I would have to give our first sleepover an A+.
Mommy was a little sleep deprived but nothing the smile on my daughter's face couldn't cure. 
I do all the "Stuff" to make my kids happy and don't expect them to really appreciate it. 
But when your kids come up to you and thank you for what you've done.....priceless.
I love that little girl.
 We had just enough time to rest and catch up on sleep before Bubba's birthday party was upon us. 
Okay, so their birthdays are a week apart and I could have put their birthday parties on different weekends, but I didn't want to fill two weekends with planning, prepping, and cleaning.   So I made an executive decision and planned them on the same weekend.  Nate just went with the flow.  A Friday night and a Sunday afternoon.  One at our house and the other at the YMCA. 
Not a bad decision.
The birthday parties went great and now next weekend can be much more relaxing and not spent worrying about a party. 
I will give myself a pat on the back.  LOL
If you remember from earlier I mentioned that the boy wanted to go swimming so after brainstorming where we could go swimming in December I called our local YMCA and set up a party. 
I didn't have to do any cleaning for this one and all I had to do was bring the food and supplies.   
Bubba invited a few boys and with the 6 of us we had ourselves a party.
I skipped out and didn't make any of their cakes, instead opting for store bought.  They turned out great!!  Daddy even picked up trick candles for Bubba's cake. 
It was pretty funny. 
He would blow them out and then one would light again. 
He would blow it out and another would light. 
It was entertaining.
Bubba was thoroughly delighted by the very boyish gifts he got from his friends. 
Basketball cards, race cars, bey blades everything a boy could hope for.   
We played pin the belt buckle on the Power Ranger person I don't know. 
Bubba got a little dizzy.   
Gigi got pretty close. 
But one kid got it right on the exact spot. 
Nate and I expect a little cheating was involved. 
I should have known when I asked him how many fingers was I holding up and he replied "11". 
 My son was in his glory with all his friends playing in the pool. 
His grin was from ear to ear. 
They played volleyball and
 went down the slide.
I know they wore Nate out. 
He took a nap today and was in bed by 9:30.
Daddy was a rockstar today.
He kept the boys from hurting each other as they wouldn't stop touching each other and wrestling.
Ugh... boys.
He chaperoned all the kids in the pool.
And even took the kids who couldn't pass the swim test down the water slide.
I couldn't have done this without him. 
He deserved a nap today.
It was a fun weekend and the kids had a great time with all their friends. 
We have talked to them and told them that this won't happen every year, but it was really wonderful to see them interact with their friends and to meet some of the parents of the kids they talk so much about.  Our only problem is that Gigi is now talking about HER birthday party and what she is going to do.  The problem with having three kids so close in age is that when one does something the others assume they get to too.   We will see, but not this year little one! 

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