Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Season's Greetings

Who doesn't love mail?
I don't mean the junk mail that you pitch right away or the catalogs you never read that sit on the floor by your bed til they go in the trash, or the bills.  I mean the hand written notes, the birthday cards or my favorite CHRISTMAS CARDS.
I love the pretty cards. 
The photo cards are fun to see the families and how much they have grown. 
So many of the kids in those photos don't even look like the little kids I remember. 
The beautiful nativity scenes adorning the cards or elegant script on the front with meaningful verses on the inside. 
I love looking at each and every one. 
{2012 Christmas Card} 
I think my generation can take it or leave it with Christmas cards. 
Some don't have enough time. 
Some don't want to waste the money.
And some just plain forget. 
But I like the forgotten art of the written word. 
Okay, that isn't fair because I don't really "write" my Christmas cards. 
Sure I have to address all the envelopes, seal them, and put the stamp on them,  but I don't write a small note to each one.  I really should. 
I do write a family letter on the back but both last year and this year one of the kids wrote it. 
There are only so many ways I can say our family is blessed and it was a really good year.
I vividly remember my mom sitting at the kitchen table writing out her many many Christmas cards each year and signing each one in her perfect handwriting. 
Maybe that's it.  If I had good penmanship I would sign my cards, but I don't. 
So here is the Schulte Christmas Card for 2012.
And no it isn't photoshopped we were really there in the Horseshoe.
I never blogged about it because we did it as a surprise for Daddy.
In October when the kids and I took a trip to Columbus, I had big plans to go down to the stadium on one day and take a shot in front of the Horseshoe to frame for daddy for Christmas. 
I had told my older sister Kathy of my plan and she does one better. 
She talks to someone she knows (she knows everyone!) and gets us inside. 
That Friday we pull up to the Horseshoe and drive right underneath. 
I park the car and get the kids out and am awed to be underneath the stadium. 
We parked right next to a Ice Cream Stand!! 
Of course there was no one working in the stadium that day because it was an away weekend and a friday, so we ventured out on to the field with Kathy's friend. 
We walked in and Bubba shouted "Holy Macaroni!" 
It looks bigger than on TV. 
They took off for the field and did 50 yard dashes from center field to the endzone. 
I'm not sure we were supposed to be doing cartwheels on the field and rolling around in the turf.  But no one stopped us.  LOL 
The kids were full of energy. 
I snapped a few pics but it was hard to get them to sit still.
Gigi was literally rolling on the field.  (she took home a handful of turf in her hair)
It was a once in a lifetime experience. 
I owe Kathy for pulling some strings for this experience.
When the kids see the field on TV they shout that they have been there.  
{Future OSU Cheerleader}
This all was supposed to be a secret for Daddy that is why I didn't blog it til now. 
To tell you the truth I spilled the beans about 3 weeks after we got back. 
I am very bad at keeping secrets from Nate.  
{Someday bubba you can be a running back for the Scarlet and Gray}
I couldn't convince Nate to get a family picture taken for Christmas so the O-H-I-O picture was the next best thing I had. 
We got lily to put her hands up like that by singing if you're happy and you know it and saying Hooray! 
It works every time. 
So Season Greetings from Our House to Yours. 
All of you may not get our card in the mail but just know it's only cause I don't have your address.  :-)
It was a very good year for us and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us. 


  1. And you DO have good handwriting Lynn :) I can't say I'm jealous of OSU, but what a fun experience for all of you!!!