Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Has been a Good Year

I can't believe that 2012 is almost over!!
It's going to take me another month at least to get used to writing 2013.
We filled this year with alot of things.
Here is the low down.
January -- playing at the park.  Can you say unseasonably warm? Yes, we played at the playground on the swings in mild weather in January. 
February -- We were praying for a snow day.  We didn't get one.  Grandma Aggie turned 105 and Gigi turned 5.  One hundred years apart. 
March -- Grandma Aggie passed away while we were home for Spring Break.  I was so glad I was already in Ohio so that I could be there for my mom.
April -- Lots of running.  It was go time for training for the 1/2 marathon.  I was also trying to complete Rosie's Easter Dress I made by hand.  I got it done in time. Oh, and the biggest news....literally.  We became owners of a very large Camper.   Our home away from home.
May --  I ran in my first ever 1/2 marathon.  For many days I was really really sore, but I must be insane because I have plans to run it again this year.  We started the adventures in camping with 4 small children.  I learned that hotdogs and pudgey pies aren't the only thing you can make camping.
June -- We went to DISNEY!!  The three oldest were treated to their first ever plane ride and then a trip to see Cinderella's castle.  We had lots of fun and the kids loved getting autographs of all the characters and riding their first ever roller coasters.
July -- Tennessee and Camping.  Over the fourth, we had a family vacation with all my brothers and sisters in Tennessee.  A week of family bonding in which we also celebrated my mother's 70th birthday.  Love her!!  Then all the other weekends we were camping.  There were very few weekends we were actually home.  The kids started tennis lessons in July and all three fell in love with the sport. 
August -- Lil Miss moved into a big girl bed.  Lots more camping.  And the first day of school.  We officially have three kids in school.
September -- Our weekends were spent at cheerleading, football and soccer.  The kids love playing sports with their friends.  We also started adventures in Boy Scouts and popcorn sales.
October -- Lil Miss turned 2.  Mommy and Daddy got a night away in Chicago with good food, shopping and quiet.  We took a family trip to the zoo on a school day and took a three day weekend in Columbus where we took a tour of the Horseshoe.  Mommy started as a regular writer for the Quad City Moms Blog.
November -- Daddy went to Africa on missions trip.  Mommy had Lasik eye surgery.  We ate lots and lots (too much really) of pumpkin pie.  Rosie turned 8 and had a slumber party with 7 girls over night and we all survived.

December --  Spending lots of family time together.  Bubba turned 7 with a swimming party at the YMCA.  Getting together with lots of friends and family and celebrating the season. 

Hoping that 2013 is as fun and exciting as 2012 was.

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