Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For the Joy of it

Today we had the kids Winter Program at school. 
They all got dressed up in their Christmas best and were all smiles before school.
Bubba's favorite part was that they didn't have to bring backpacks to school and didn't have homework the night before or tonight.  Yippee! 
This momma got everyone ready in record time this morning.  The girls helped each other put their tights on because those things are difficult and Bubba begged to wear his watch to school "because it completes my outfit, Mom."  So with the little influence from me on what to wear, they looked absolutely beautiful.  I had to persuade Rosie not to have her hair in a ponytail today "just because it doesn't take as long as straightening"  and Gigi was just bubbling with excitement to wear her new dress. 
On Monday night, Gigi, Lil Miss and I went to the mall to find a new dress because I was certain we had a hand me down dress from Rosie to wear but I forgot that Rosie shot up 3 sizes in one year and never wore size 7/8 very long at all.  So with a vision of what she wanted (a pretty pink dress that goes all the way down to the ground like Cinderella) we headed off to the mall. 
Unfortunately we didn't come home with Cinderella's dress but we got the next best thing.... a very girly pink lace dress with a fur shawl that she wanted to sleep with.  Seriously. 
My little girl.
So of course this mother takes advantage of the kids in their pretty clothes and smiles a mile wide to snap a few pics. 
 {so grown up Rosie}
 {this girl just melts my heart and she knows it too-- she uses it against me  :-) }
{My easy going boy who didn't want Dodger to feel left out} 
And seriously the cuteness.  They were in the best mood this morning.  Rosie helped all the kids get their breakfast and she wouldn't even let me pour the milk.  Bubba cleaned out the dishwasher without being asked, and Gigi was just twirling around and around.  It was a good thing they didn't ask me for anything because I was in such a good mood we might have ended up with another dog at the end of the day or even worse a pony.   Try explaining that one to Nate. 
Nate was lucky enough to find time in his schedule to meet us at school for the program. 
The kids were back to back to back in order, since we are now in Second, First, and Kindergarten. 
Rosie sang:
He'll Be comin from the North Pole (sung to the tune She'll be coming around the mountain)
Don't Eat a Poinsettia  (pretty funny)
Up on a Housetop
and Mousie in the Snow 
Bubba was as energetic as could be. 
His grade sang:
Listen to the Jingles
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
We're Gonna go on a Sleigh Ride
and Polar Puppy
I had the realization today seeing him with all his other classmates on how much he has grown in the last year.  Last year he was in the front row and was one of the shortest kids in the grade, but now he is on the second riser and some of his pants are now capris.  Can you say growth spurt?
Of course in Bubba fashion, he was bowing to the crowd at the end.... even though no one else was. 
He knew he sang well.   LOL 
Our little Gigi had her debut at her very first school program. 
As predicted she was shy and walked in with her hands over her face.  I heard some other parents point her out and say look at that girl who is so shy. 
But she proved us all wrong as soon as the music started playing she was singing away. 
{Lil Miss and Mommy in the audience} 
Gigi sang:
I want to be an Elf (I know this one by heart because she has sang it over & over)
The Snowman
On this Night
The Santa Claus Rock

At the end we waited for the kids to be released and took them home before lunch.  Some kids stayed until early out at 1:10 but we took the kids out for lunch to surprise them. 
Lil Miss was so excited to see her brother and sisters.  It was like she hasn't seen them in weeks... not 2 hours.

 The kids did great at Applebee's and it was kind of fun going out to eat in the middle of the week with all of us.  I think it makes it more special because we don't do it all the time.  
 When we got home, daddy went back to work for a few hours and the kids and I found things to keep us busy.  Like climbing mommy's woodwork.  Literally.  For the first time he was in the doorway shimming himself up the archway to the top.  Not halfbad.  Don't tell Dad...  shhhhhh.
 For supper, mommy was feeling especially Martha Stewart like so we had BLTs, baked tomatoes with basil and grated Parmesan cheese on top, and pumpkin trifle for dessert. 
Yum Yum.
It all turned out really good.  The sign of a good dessert is when the bowls are licked cleaned.  And Gigi didn't leave a crumb of dessert behind. 
To make the night EVEN more exciting we also had our snowflake central at church tonight. 
The kids were able to make and wrap their own gifts for people.  
You lucky people are going to be so excited!  Sadly mommy knows that Daddy is receiving TWO presents and no one made one for me,  frowny face. 
Oh well, the smile on their faces as they taped those presents up was gift enough.   
And to top it off we left with sugar cookies and hot cocoa. 
I would call our day complete. 
This mommy is a little tired but happy. 
I have a decaf coffee in my hand and Les Miserables the book waiting for me upstairs.


  1. What a fun day and night -- your kids are absolutely precious :)

  2. It was fun. We hadn't eaten at Applebee's since O-town, but they have a weight watchers menu so nate and I could behave. :-)