Monday, December 10, 2012

Angels we have Heard on High

Today is a day that was a happy day at one time. 
It was the day that Nate's little niece Melissa Marie was born. 
She was as cute as could be, with eyes that could melt your soul.
Nate's brother and sister in law chose us as Godparents.
It was the first time I was picked to be a godmother.  I was ready to spoil her forever.
Birthdays, Christmases, her wedding, every moment I could I was going to sprinkle this bundle of joy with gifts and love.
But we only got 18 months. 
For a reason only known to God our father she was taken before we could celebrate her second birthday, or I could treat her to goddaughter pedicures, or watch her try on wedding dresses.
We only had a few short months to love her and be in the presence on one star shining so bright. 
Some children just have that light. 
That smile that can melt you and brings a smile to everyone who sees her.
Missy had that.
So as today would have been Missy's 9th birthday I reflect on how much our family has changed and how so many cousins and babies have been born. 
How many events have taken place. 
But that little girl who was born 9 years ago today is always remembered. 
I believe Missy's death has brought our family closer together.
When she passed away we all leaned on each other to get through our grief and heal.
She is a brilliant angel in heaven watching down on us.   

I was holding my "Lil Miss" today and thinking how as a parent that you could never "get over" losing a child. They are part of you.
It's something that gets easier to talk about and you find ways to deal with the loss, but you never forget. It doesn't matter how long you knew them or how long they were here on earth. They steal a little piece of your heart.  So to Dale and Stacy on this day may you find comfort to know that she has never been forgotten and that she still holds a place in our hearts.  

 Happy Birthday Melissa Marie!

Melissa Marie
Dec 10th 2003 - July 1st 2005