Friday, March 2, 2012

What a difference a day makes!!

It's a beautiful day... the lyrics to the U2 song were in my head all day Thursday. It was truly a wonderfully beautiful day. The sun was shining, the weather was warm and the kids (and Mommy) were in happy moods. It felt like spring..... 24 hours later we had inches of snow on the ground and we were bundled up again. I was just about to start to put away the snow pants and snow boots and welcome spring, but before I had the snow pants rolled up and put on the top of the closet. It snowed!

{daddy goes for a lay up}
To make a good day even better, daddy was home before 5 and before it got dark to play with the kids outside. They collapsed on him before he was out of the car and had convinced him to stay outside to play. I don't think it took much arm twisting to get daddy to play. :-)

{showing off her jump rope skills}

{bubba goes up for a lay-up}

That day me and girls took a walk to the park. We had to clean off the wagon from cob webs and saw dust (thanks daddy!) then we were ready to go. Lil Miss did a wonderful job of staying seated as we took a wagon ride. She looked like she had done it a hundred times.

{lil Miss hot-roddin'}

and as the song goes... we didn't let the day get away. We enjoyed every minute of the sunshine that we could. The only think on the kids and I's agenda that morning was eye dr. appt for Lil Miss.

Oh, yes at 16 months we had an eye dr appointment. We came home with good news. That as far as the doctor can see Lil Miss does not have Nate's severe far sightedness. We will keep an eye on it but for now we can not worry about that. Her chances of needing glasses is still high since me and Nate both have bad eyes, but keep our fingers crossed that she got the perfect blend of both of our eyes (i have bad near sightedness and he has far sightedness) and she can see 20/20.

{Gigi was occupied the entire appointment playing on her new DSi that she got for her birthday}

Lucky for us they didn't have to use the usual eye equipment on our little girl. She only had to stare at the tv playing Aladdin across the room or see the cow moving and "mooing" or the sheep "baaing". I was quite impressed with the whole appointment.

{our happy little girl}

{what a difference a year makes! Last year she was just sitting in a stroller not doing much more than eating, sleeping and pooping AND now she is playing with the BIG girls.}

On Friday as the snow started coming down our Big girl got ready for Kindergarten Roundup. She was so nervous and mommy was too! I know there will be tears come August when I have to let my baby go at school and leave her for the day. :-( But until then we can have fun every day up til school. It was deja-vu sitting there learning all the kindergarten rules and information. I should be teaching what to do after having two kids go off to kindergarten the last two years. Gigi is so excited to go school shopping already to pick out her backpack and be just like her big sister and big brother.
On Saturday, Mommy got to get pampered with a free makeover that I won over at the Quad City Moms Blog. I didn't know what to do while getting pampered. I am usually the one making other people happy and comfortable. It was a great time and the girls who helped me pick out my outfit, do my hair, do my make up and take the before and after shots were wonderful!! We ended the night with a dinner out at the Machine Shed which was also provided by the girls over at the QC Mom's Blog. I felt like a million bucks. I love my new hair cut and especially the color. I am getting used to having it shorter but I am still getting used to not being able to put it in a ponly tail on days that there is NO time to even brush my hair. So time will tell how this will pan out. I ran 6 miles at the YMCA on sunday and had to push the hair out of my eyes a few times. BUT I love the look and so does the kids and Nate. YEAH!! More to come....

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