Monday, March 5, 2012

Tackling Reupholstery

Back in September I did my first reupholstering project. We have a large window seat in our bedroom and it had a funky blue fabric on it that was probley original with the house. it had large crevices wear buttons were and the holes were filled with dirt and dog hair... yuck. So after cleaning the seat entirely, I filled in the button holes with stuffing and covered it in this fun fabric. Do you like? Last weekend I finished another reupholstery project. I love the fact you can take something and completely make it new by just putting on a new fabric!! Sweetness!! Nate had surprised me with our dining room table and chairs as a wedding gift. When I say surprise, I mean surprise. I left three days before the wedding to head back to our home town to get everything ready for the wedding and Nate had the dining room table delivered and set up while I was getting my nails done. The night before the wedding he showed me a picture on his phone with the table and chairs in our apartment. Talk about Surprise!!! We obviously weren't thinking about children when we bought the chairs because I had picked out a cream colored fabric for the chairs. Flash forward almost 8 years and the fabric is covered in ketchup stains and colored markers. It was time we changed it up.

{updating the chairs... goodbye old fabric}

Two of the chairs are now located in the living room because the table only fits 4 chairs currently in the kitchen. So i decided to start with recovering those two first. (I also am not able to find the fabric yet that i want in the kitchen yet, so that project sits for another time) The kids and I started in on the project. Bubba and Gigi were the photographers... when they weren't taking pictures of the dogs or the floor! Lil Miss was in the middle of my project literally... she sat down right in the middle of the fabric and didn't want to get up. Despite my "helpers" best efforts to distract me I got it done.

{a roadblock in the covering phase}

{hurry up Lil Miss got up.... time to staple}

{photographer 1}

{self portrait of photographer 2}

{Lil Miss using the screwdriver.... stalling me once again}

{Before and After}

The seats were so pretty at one time.... now a little dirty. Can you see the questionable green spot on the front? Not sure where that came from.

All pretty and stain free!!! Project complete. Yeah, me. :-)

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