Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The New Look

Mommy wasn't the only one to get a makeover this week. Baby girl just had her third haircut in 16 months. Seriously this girl's hair grows just like her momma's. Instead of going to Great Clips this time I decided to try a new kids place I heard about from a friend. So yesterday we tried Cookie Cutters and the girls really enjoyed it. While waiting Gigi played on the slide and watched a portion of Horton hears a Who. Gigi picked the Dora car for her sister to sit in and they started the very quick and painless process of cutting my baby's hair. There's not much you can do with her hair so a quick trim all over is what she needed.
Note: you know the child's hair needs cut when she has to tilt her head up to see under her bangs while watching a show. lol
This was the first time Lil Miss was not sitting on my lap during a haircut so I didn't know how she would do. Besides the constant turning of her head to see what was going on, she did great!

{Hello there!!}
I know I could probley do the trimming and cutting myself, but I am so nervous I would get her with the scissors and I know from experience it would not be straight!!

Here is Lil Miss hamming it up for the camera. She is totally in style now with the blunt bang look that all the celebs are wearing. Our little Diva!! Lunch time -- we had a playdate at the Davenport Junior Theater with the Quad City Moms Blog group yesterday so we picked up lunch on our way home. The girl munched on mommy's french fries while watching an episode of Sesame Street. Such a Big Girl!!!
photo from: http://www.thestylesocial.com/
{Our stylish girl}

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