Friday, March 30, 2012

Hard at Work

I am a prisoner in my own home. Okay, not really but we are getting new carpeting put in and there are three guys coming in and out and me and the girls are pushed into the office sequestered for the day. Going stir crazy!! This day two of the carpet process and they should be out of here tomorrow finally. Each step is taking forever to be done correctly, but I would rather it be done right than be done fast. It doesn't help that they can only work from 9-2:30 because I have to bring the kids to school and pick them up so I don't think they got as much done as they would have liked yesterday. Even though these last two days I have been lazy watching movies, sewing and coloring with the girls in our 12 x 12 cell, I utterly exhausted myself at the beginning of the week getting everything ready for the carpet guys. I painted the last room of the house which wasn't painted, the office. It's a shame I had to paint it because I painted it the exact color it was but the previous homeowners painted around the corkboards on the wall and even though I don't know what is going up to replace them I wanted to redo that area. ugly... i know
alot of patching to do.... not my expertise, spackling
I had lots of help, since this is Nate's craziest week in the past year I am on my own in watching the kids AND completing this project. This mommy did it though.
{sanding down the walls!}
My kids love to paint... and who's kidding mommy likes to too when it's not a whole room! On Monday Gigi helped me paint an old chair out of the clubhouse purple! I am in love with the purple chair!
The kids practiced the states this week and dusted off the map of the united states. It was easier to read when Lil Miss wasn't sprawled on her belly on top of it. LOL
Daddy continues to work hard this week so we have egg painting planned, a trip to the park, and maybe a bike ride or two. Mommy's slacking off this weekend in any extra projects and just going to try to keep up my energy in watching my 4 little rug rats. I'll try to take some pictures of the egg decorating and our NEW carpet and share soon..... enjoy the weekend!

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