Monday, March 26, 2012

Make this moment count

Yesterday was a beautiful day! It started with a 6 mile run. Yes, this fat girl ran 6 miles and could have done more but I wanted to get back so Nate didn't have a rough morning with the kids. As I thought, as soon as I got home to be with the kids he headed back to bed. :-) My husband is not a morning person. The sunrise was just beautiful as I was finishing my run. Unlike most weekends when I make a big run, I did not slack off the rest of the day. (I feel when I do a 6-7 mile run then I can goof off or rest the entire day because I earned it) Instead I made the most of the day and took advantage of the weather and got ALL kids of things done. Our office got cleaned out (thanks to Bubba who was working off a punishment for punching his sister) to get painted and get new carpet on Thursday. Also the fridge got completely cleaned and organized (I love to have everything in its spot and neat and aligned, I'm nuts I know!) thanks to both Bubba and Gigi who had to work off punishment after talking meanly to each other. There was a theme to the day, if you act bad or not nicely Mommy had work for you to do. It was amazing after they were put to work you would think that it was severe torture to bring a box down the stairs. :-) Nate remembers growing up in the Schulte household and when the boys acted up they had to dust the baseboards! I think taking all the yogurts out of the fridge and putting them on the shelf in a line was a cake walk compared to dusting baseboards!! LOL
It wasn't all work though. The kids and I took a long bike ride and ended up at the park. Gigi was a ball of sweat when we reached the park. Her little legs were going as fast as they could in her little pink bike. I think the training wheels weren't even touching the ground as she screeched around the corners. It's a good thing that I used some WD-40 on her training wheels before I left or we would have heard high pitched squeaking during the long ride.
They all got some much needed energy out on the playground!
{How many kids can go down the slide all at once?}
Even Lil Miss was being a really big girl and trying to go down the slide all by herself. She has the little slide down pat but needs some help from her big sis going down the big curly slide. They had smiles on their faces. This mommy was happy too to enjoy this moment with them.
I am not being as productive today as I was yesterday but that's okay. On this gray cloudy day I feel like curling up on the couch with my girls watching Lion King, sounds like fun.... be very jealous!!! :-)

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