Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

We are in Ohio!! It's not the beach for spring break but its warm and we are enjoying the sunshine. The kids are having fun playing with their grandmas and grandpa wearing them all out. On Monday we got to hang out with cousins Mason and Lincoln all day and mason and Lil Miss were having a love/hate relationship. Lil Miss was not doing very good at the sharing.

{she took my toy}

{he is gripping on to his blanket for dear life because Lil Miss kept swiping it}

{measuring the circumference of the trees, anything to keep the kids entertained}

Yesterday we spent the day up with Grandma and Grandpa Schulte's. The weather was so nice we spent the afternoon outside.

{oh isn't this girl soooo sweet}

{beep, beep}
{Gigi and Josh racing down the sidewalk}

{filling out the NCAA bracket}
Bubba and I finished filling out our brackets. He had unusual tactics for picking his teams. Sometimes it was eeny meeny minie mo, other times it was "What would you pick mom?" and yet others it was "that team is cool pick that one". And can you take a guess who he has going to the final championship game?? Ohio State vs. Xavier He can't believe he is playing the buckeye. LOL He has Ohio State winning the final game because "they are really good mom!" Chances are his picks will do better than momma's. Just waiting til the games start and we can see how we measure up. The important thing is to beat Daddy!! Going to go enjoy the sun now......

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