Saturday, March 10, 2012

A bicycle built for two

{not so sure about this helmet that they put on me... but safety first}
Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle made for two.
Oh what a sweet song. Lately I must have music on the brain because I am constantly singing a hum as I go. Happiness!!! Have I said how beautiful the weather is? I think I have. Today, I finally picked up my Christmas present from the hubby and the kids. A new awesome bike. Apparently my Huffy from college wasn't cutting it. During the move or right before, I can't remember, the wire/line that connects the gears to the gear shifter thingys (so technical) broke. I had tied the wire around the post to keep it from getting in my way but Hubby thought it was time for a new bike so here it is!!!
{mommy's new ride}
It is so stylish. It will soon have a baby sit attached to the back to make it look so much cooler-- NOT. LOL But seriously this thing is a nice smooth ride. It reminds me of my mom's granny bike. Yes, I know that is not nice but that is what we called it. She had a shaggy seat cover (it looked like one of those Old English sheep dogs was sitting on her seat) and this same sloped down support bar. I am riding in style.
Our Saturday morning started with me slipping out of bed and getting my running clothes on just as the Lil Miss woke up. (so much for getting out of the house before I woke anyone up) Nate woke up to watch the girls and I headed out for a run. I got back in time to take Bubba to all-star basketball practice. It is much more competitive then his regular winter session was. These kids were stealing, blocking shots and picking and rolling. Bubba kept up with the best of them and after a pep talk from me he was out there dishing out what he was taking. After that I ran out and picked up the bike from the bicycle store. I convinced Nate that after the Ohio State Game we should take a family bike ride. It took a lot of convincing and coaxing, but he finally agreed.
Bubba and Gigi were just up from a nap and rearing to go. Rosie who had just fallen asleep was a little on the cranky side but we got her up and moving. Lil Miss knew exactly where to go when she saw the bike and soon all of us were ready to go.
We were quite the caravan biking around the neighborhood 5 long. Mommy and Daddy had all the kids sandwiched in between us. Gigi was a little slower with the training wheels and got tired a lot faster than her brother and sister. We only had one accident where Gigi took a corner too fast and took a tumble, but she dusted herself off and got right back on.
{all pumped up and ready to ride}

{Off we go.... wait up Daddy}
This was about the piont where daddy turned around and told me to put the camera down. He wouldn't let me get a picture of him in his helmet. I don't know why, everyone is wearing one of them these days. Heehee. Even though Daddy was being a meany about the picture taking I still managed to get a shot with my iphone as we were riding -- the joys of having a camera phone.

Can't wait for our next ride....

Okay now I better get to packing we will be back at Grandma Judy's house in 24 hours!!! Yeah!! I better get my butt up and start getting things together. More to come of spring break!!! Enjoy!!


  1. I'm so jealous! I need to buy a bike. I just haven't gotten there yet. Looks like a fun day!

  2. I love the bike kristen. I got a trek bike... rides so much better than my old huffy!! :-)