Monday, March 19, 2012

Ohio Road Trip

Is it summertime already? This weather has me fooled. The kids and I tried to get out in the sun as much as we could while we were in Ohio this past week. Mommy even got a sunburn!! My grandmother's funeral threw in a little bit of obligation and not so much fun dressing up for the kids but we still found time to goof off. (Gigi didn't mind being in dresses!! lol) Uncle Kurt even showed off to the kids how fast his mini bike goes. That little thing goes fast. There is a powerful little motor in that misconceiving harmless bike.
{Bubba sitting on Uncle Kurt's mini motorcycle} Flash forward 10 years and I could see our little man out on a motorcycle following in his Uncle Kurt's foot steps with the love of speed. Scares this momma already! {this girl looks way to comfortable on the motorcycle, uh oh!}
{precious sister time}
Between the DSI's, ipods, or other toys the kids kept entertained. There were many jumps with the jump rope and even an adventure of finding a snake. Much Excitement!!! I love when I come across the kids in a sweet moment. The picture above of the girls sharing earbuds and listening to "The Bear went over the Mountain". No Lie, so innocent and a priceless moment where they are best buds. Not only did Bubba and I fill out our NCAA brackets, so did my mom. I think this was her first bracket ever!!
It is always a challenge to get everyone ready in the morning. The hair, the clothes, the brushing of the teeth , it's even harder when you aren't at your own house. But at Grandma Judy's we make ourselves at home that's for sure. While mommy was getting ready last week one morning the girls decided to try on my shoes. (I only brought 4 pairs for 5 days... and then when Nate came for funeral he brought 2 more pairs! Yikes!!) Gigi is our little diva always swiping my heels.
{grandpa bill and the two babies}
Lil Miss was having a good time with her cousins Lincoln and Mason, but the boys sure didn't like her on their toys. She stood up to them though and kept her ground. She is NO pushover. Lots of commotion. Sunshine, push toys, shorts, and sunscreen are we sure it isn't June? My sister Beth was the hostess with the mostest this week entertaining my kids at her place. We all needed a little sun on our winter white Midwest legs!
For Lincoln and Bubba we made a game out of picking up leaves and dead grass leaves. All you need is to buckets, two little boys and a voice that tells the rules in an excited voice and they were off!! They were entertained for a while until they got intent on getting every leaf out of the window well and poor Lincoln fell in. Game Over. :-(

Mr. Mason was a hard one to get a smile out of all week. Lincoln warms up to me after a while and I am getting giggles and laughter out of by the time I leave. Mason is a different story. One hard nut to crack. {seriously I am not going to smile... not even a little!! Get that camera out of my face lady!!}
{the boys playing baseball}We celebrated Grandpa Bill's birthday on Wednesday. It was a house full of little kids running around for sure! :-)
{heated game of basketball}
The kids had a great time playing with the cousins. It is never a long enough time but we will be back in such a short time for Easter that saying good-bye this time didn't hurt as much. Now back to the real world the kids go back to school tomorrow morning. Kids are sleeping and this momma better get the 5 loads of laundry folded on the bed so I can hit the hay. Good Night!!

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