Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goal Accomplished

Never in a million years would I think I would have completed a half marathon and now look at me.
I have completed two!!!! I truly can't believe it. It wasn't easy, but how many things this rewarding
come without a lot of hard work.
Thanks to the encouragement of my sister I finished the race in 2:48 officially. Last year was better, but I had planned on that because I was so much more dedicated last year. I also don't know how my Nike+ app got a full mile off when I crossed the finish line. (on my app I completed 14.22 in 2:52) Who knows? I finished. I overheard another runner talking before the race that this was their first race not trying to place or win and she didn't know how she would motivate herself. I was at no point, I say never ever in a million years, going to win anything. My only race was the race with myself. I had to fight my body to go through any pain to keep going. I had to fight my mind in thinking that it would be so much easier if I would just turn and do the quarter. It was a constant battle the whole 13.1 miles.
The three of us looking pretty before we headed down to the race. I was still waking up.
Right before the start gun went off with lots of people huddled together trying to stretch out. If you have never run in a organized race like this, the crowd helped me fight the little voice in my head telling me to stop running. Whenever I would start to run out of wind and energy I would pass a group of spectators and they would shout encouragement. With my name on my bib, I would be struggling to keep my feet moving and would hear "you're doing great, Lynn" from a random stranger and get a little boost in my step. I have to thank all of those strangers along the route who took the time to encourage all of us in the race not just the ones they came to watch. You helped me finish. The sign that said "Run Stranger Run" helped put a smile on my face too!
Around mile 9, I passed a girl on a gurney getting oxygen and I had that brief moment of anxiety hoping that wouldn't be me. But I kept my head up and kept moving. Yes, I walked at certain points and if that makes me less of a half marathoner than so be it. To me that didn't matter.
Here is my shot after I crossed the finish line. It's not pretty. Every mile I ran is etched on my face in the form of sweat, dirt, and exhaustion. I gave it my all.
The proudest moment is when we got back to the house and the kids were excited to see mommy's medal and fought over who got to wear it. Bubba even put all my gear on and said "Hey, I am a runner like mommy!" That was my proud moment. Being a good healthy role model for my kids and showing them when there is something that you think you will never be able to do with hardwork you can accomplish anything.
So here today I sit typing away wearing my half marathon shirt. I still don't feel like a "runner" but I did it and no one can take that away from me.
Goal accomplished!!


  1. Good for you Lynn - you should be soo proud of yourself!!! I'm sitting here thinking "how am i going to get through the 5K" in June! You might have to help encourage me through that one...

  2. You ROCK Lynn!! Own it - you earned it! Love your blog, even when your posts are up beat and inspiring I'm fighting tears!