Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Creative Kids

It's that time of year, when the kids are bringing home everything from their desks and all the papers they have completed over the course of another year.  Our heaping mound of school papers will have to be thinned before stowing away for memories, but a few of the drawings/stories must be kept for pure enjoyment.  I have gotten a lot of laughs over the silly stories they write about.  Where do they come up with this.  Gigi brought home a story she wrote this week that went something like this...
We were going to go to the Park,
But I could not find my mom. 
So I got on my horse to find her.
I found her. 
The End.
Oh boy, does that girl want a horse or what!
Bubba brought home a group story a few boys worked on in his class. 
The story was called If...
It went something like this:
If frogs could puke out rainbows. 
If Earth could be held.
If toothpaste was blood. (eww gross!) 
{If fat was skinny}
AND my favorite one....
If zebras were Xaviers and stripes. 
Followed by a very well done drawing of a zebra with Xavier's head (complete with glasses) and stripes.   
The imagination in these kids!!
And Rosie is always bringing home beautiful drawings. 
This one is a poster size drawing of dinosaurs. 
She apologized that she messed up and made one dinosaur's butt pink.  

Gonna have to keep these beauties for the kids to see when they are older. 
Love these memories!!!

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