Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This past weekend didn't quite goes as planned, but you know when plans change sometimes it is for the better.  We had planned to go on a camping trip with some of Nate's coworkers this weekend, but looking at the weather all week many of us were worrying about the rain and if it was going to be much fun.  We decided to just can the camping trip and have everyone over for a cookout (rain or shine) at our house.  I was secretly relieved because it gave us a weekend off at home. 
That weekend off didn't mean NOT busy though.  We still had baseball practice, a soccer game, a sleepover, a flag football game and a cookout. 
Friday night we did relax though.  I let the kids get their swimsuits on and play outside after supper in the sprinkler.  It was chilly when the sun went down, so it turned into a play outside in your swimsuit kind of night. 
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a cool beverage.  YUM!  
Love his use of empty paper towel holders.  He has a pile in his room that he keeps creating things out of.  Recycling the empty cardboard into new fun toys.   We can never have enough light sabers around this house.  
Even though the weather was supposed to be yucky all weekend with possible rain at anytime, we lucked out.  It would have been a perfect weekend to camp, but we spent it at home instead.  Weather is unpredictable.
{here is the eerie sky during Bubba's football game} 
The storm passed and after a slight delay the boy's were back on the field playing their last flag football game for the year.  Such great boys!!  
{Archie ran out into the hail on Sunday night.... he wasn't out there long} 
We finish off this exciting school year with Bubba bridging over to the Wolf group.  Monday night after a baseball game (hence his mixed up outfit) he had his bridging ceremony where he received his new yellow neckerchief.  So proud of this boy this year.  He has earned many belt loops and can't wait for his first boy scout camp this summer.   
Love our little Scout!!!

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