Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Mommy Camp

For the last couple weeks I have been preparing for the kids to be home all summer from school. 
I have been pinning things on pinterest to do, printing out worksheets to do over the summer, and organizing things for us to keep busy over the summer.  Last year, I really tried to use the summer to keep learning.  Rosie was attending Sylvan 2 days a week and I was trying to do a few creative things and science things with the kids every week.  This year I have expanded on that and am prepared even more. 
I am calling this summer "Mommy Camp". 
Every week we are going to have some learning worksheets (math, reading comprehension, time, and money counting) and fun things to do.  I have compiled some learning themes for each week to make it even more fun.  One week will be Space where we learn about the stars and planets.  I have pinned many things on pinterest to help emphasize the lesson.  Learning the phases of the moon with Oreos, sewing with thread different constellations, star gazing, and even space themed snacks.  Rosie can't wait for this one because I also picked up a Magic School Bus Space kit and she can't wait to open the box. 
Our other themes are: 
Fruits and Vegetables
The World
{my summer mommy camp board on pinterest}
I have added to my binder from last year and compiled lots of math worksheets (most from and book reports.  The kids each have a reading log hanging up in the laundry room to keep a list of all the books they read over the summer.  For Rosie, I am having her write a short book report for each book she reads to help with reading comprehension.  We will see how this works. 
{book logs}
I have reorganized the kid's boxes and added new things into each for busy work over the summer.  I had to add harder stuff to Rosie's box, adding multiplication and division work for over the summer.

{inside Rosie's box}
So we will put all this to the test next week. 
Doing little things like this each week, keeps us always doing new things and off our butts.  Excited for summer to begin!!
4 days!!

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    Joey was asking me what I had planned for the summer. thanks alot.