Friday, May 24, 2013

School's Out!!!!!

It's the last day of school. 
I pick the kids up in two hours and then
summer starts!!
Can hardly believe a whole school year is over.
It seems just like yesterday that they were taking their new spotless backpacks and kissing me to leave for the FIRST day of school. 
Now their backpacks are frayed, covered in sharpie marker (miss Rosie!), and they
are another year wiser.
{Last Day of School}
It was chilly this morning as we left for school. 
They were not so excited to sit on the cold concrete for a photo!  :-)
{First Day of School Pic}
Can't believe this girl is going into third grade!!! 
This boy is so ready to rock second grade. 
I saw a lot of growth in him this year in maturity.  He is such a sweet boy.  
Oh, and my little pumpkin.  She is not a kindergartner anymore. 
Makes me cry seeing how much they have grown up.  
Can time just stand still? 
Oh and our Lil Miss is growing like a weed too! 
Summer Here We Come...

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