Monday, February 20, 2012

My Little girl is all grown up!!

Happy Birthday to our little Miss GIGI!! Our "baby" girl is 5!!! I cannot believe the little girl I held in my arms 2 1/2 years ago is now getting ready to go to Kindergarten this coming fall. YIKES!! This is when Gigi was a baby. I hold these few pictures of the kids priceless since they are before they came into our lives and their family was able to give us a few glimpses into their past. These snapshots are an amazing gift from their birth family.

{First day of preschool}

{The day we straightened Gigi's hair}

She has definitely grown up. I can't imagine life without this little ray of sunshine, she lights up our life. Happy Birthday to Gigi!!! The kids are so glad today is president's day that they get to stay home and celebrate with her and do "fun" stuff with their little sister. That "fun" stuff probley includes some wii, some ds games, a little snacking, a trip to the Family Museum and Ice Cream Cake when Daddy gets home tonight. So I better go start the day!!!

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