Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Girls, Love Dresses

Okay, happiness wasn't her first emotion when she saw the dress I made her this morning. I woke up Rosie for school this morning bright and early and I whispered that I had a surprise for her. She instinctly thought it was something fun to eat for breakfast, so she was rightly disappointed when I told her "no we are only having cereal for breakfast". I got less of a reaction when I told her I finished her dress last night while she was in blissful sleep. Her first thought was "So, it is just a dress and my sister got a skirt first." I promptly reminded her who swiped the ruffled purse mom made as my first project. Again "SO" was her only response. In comes dad to the rescue.

After school, playing at the park, religion class, and supper I asked her to try the dress on. She grabbed the dress on the hanger and trudged up the stairs reluctantly. I shouted up to her "Isn't awesome I made it in your favorite color orange?" To which I got the response "Mom, my favorite color is pink now. Orange is third after pink AND purple." Oops.... I did not get the memo. When Rosie had the dress on and was walking to our room to find me, Dad got a glimpse first and told her that she looked beautiful. And that was that. This was her attitude after hearing those words.....

Literally I had to calm her down just to get the first shot of her sitting still. Daddy's glowing endorsement was all the dress needed. Never mind that mommy says she looks gorgeous. She is definitely Daddy's little girl and our girl likes dresses.

DISCLAIMER: I know it still is not hemmed yet, those of you who will notice the imperfections only remember that I got my first sewing machine only 35 days ago and this is my 3rd sewing project to date. LOL

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