Saturday, February 11, 2012

How do I love thee?

We are in full lovebug swing around here. This past week mommy has been in the valentines spirit. We have had fun valentines inspired snacks, lots of heart shaped crafts and delicious meals that are a certain someone's favorite to spoil the loved ones in my life. {these three are a few of the loves in my life}

Rosie and Bubba couldn't stop talking about their valentine's party all week. They had their valentines all signed and packaged for the big day. For Rosie, we had to make a box to collect the valentines. Can you believe that the box is an old EGGO waffle box that we had finished off that morning? Mommy is terrible at keeping old boxes. I don't keep them they go right out the door into the recycling. So recycling an EGGO box, I thought, was pretty thoughtful. The perfect size!! We wrapped it with wrapping paper and Rosie had fun adding her special touches. The kids came home with their backpacks full of sugar on Friday. There was a swan dive into the candy and they only came up to take a breath occasionally. I don't know if any one heard mommy tell them to save room for supper. To make us even more sick with sugar overload, the girl scout cookies arrived Friday after supper. Good thing is that over half of our cookies are sold. YEAH!! The bad part is that we still have to sell the other half. If interested please let us know we would love to have this temptation out of the house. Daddy has decided it is his own personal supply of sugar!!! Help us so that we don't all add 10 pounds to our figures in the next couple of weeks.

{popcorn and a movie.... not pictured were Nate's starburst}
Nate and I actually got out on Saturday night. We used a new babysitter, the best friend of our normal babysitter. Oh, and when I say normal babysitter, I mean the only babysitter the kids have had since moving here who has been to the house 4/5 times. With a new babysitter we are already nervous. If you have any spent any time alone with our brood you would know that they can be exhausting and overwhelming. We decided to forgo dinner so we wouldn't be gone that long and just go to a movie. I suggested "Red Tails" since it was a movie we both wanted to see and I didn't want to here Nate complaining while I dragged him to a chick flick. (I did really want to see the "The Vow" too!) The movie was about the Tuskegee Air Men in World War II. They were an all African American pilot group and struggled to be significant in a world that still saw their race as inferior. Before going to the movie we had both did our research... I am anything but an informed viewer. The movie wasn't getting rave reviews but the premise and content of the movie was intriguing for both of us. It was a good movie but I left it feeling tense. Of course it is a war movie so people are going to die throughout the film. So I sat there tense in my seat not trying to fall in love with any of the characters in case of their death. I would recommend the movie to anyone who likes war flicks. The credits rolled and mommy had only looked at her phone a 1/2 dozen times to make sure the babysitter hasn't called with a problem. All in all a very good night.

{a blurry picture... but this poor baby was so tired she wanted to take a nap in the laundry basket}

This past week the kids participated in a fundraiser at Chick Fil A for the Kids for Christ program at their school. Rosie and Bubba helped wash tables, get refills, and sweep the messes off the floor. They both got to work with their friends and it was a pleasure to see them trying to be so helpful. Makes this momma proud. The only thing that would have made it better is smiles on their faces and cooperation when mommy and daddy were trying to leave to go home. They didn't want to leave, but we still had homework and baths to fit in before going to bed.

{bubba and a friend from school}

{Our hard workers}

Last week we put together some special valentines for a few of our loved ones (a package should arrive soon!). But mommy found this valentines mad lib via pinterest after the packages had gone out. Each child took turns filling in the blanks for a specialized valentine. Here are a few of the funny stories that came about.....

The mad libs were found over at I hope you enjoy!!!

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