Thursday, February 2, 2012

Calling Poison Control

Like any parents, as soon as we had kids we started baby-proofing the house. I vividly remember the night before Rosie, Bubba, and Gigi came into our lives we were hurriedly running around the house putting on cabinet locks, socket plugs, screen on the railings, you name it we were doing it. A big thanks to our friend Angie who acted like a child getting into stuff so we knew what to baby-proof! LOL We had to keep her out of the liquor cabinet. No I am kidding, but safety was/is a big concern for us. We moved into this house and Lily wasn't yet walking and exploring her surroundings yet. But that didn't last long. We were soon putting cabinet locks on, socket plugs, and baby gates everywhere. Even with all those helpful items bad things can happen. Last night I was in the kitchen getting things ready for supper (fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, YUM!) I went to throw something in the trash and saw that it was full and decided to take it outside to the garbage can. I asked Gigi to go get another trash bag from under the sink. You see it probley was only 10-15 days after the three older kids were in our home when they figured out how the cabinet locks work and they were ineffective, but for Lil Miss they work.... unless the cabinet is left open. I walk in the house from bringing out the garbage(possibly gone 30 seconds or less) and Gigi runs to me to tell me Lil Miss has eaten this. She sticks out her hand and in it is a shriveled up dish washer tablet. Lil Miss is standing there with blue detergent coming out of her mouth and pulling at her tongue. Now, I am not good at in these situations. About 10 seconds after me saying "Oh My God, Oh My God", over and over my brain finally kicked in. I ran Lil Miss over to the sink and tried to wash out her mouth with water than grabbed her sippy cup of water off the counter and tried to get her to drink something. I quickly scanned the container under the sink to read the label and see what I needed to do and saw that it read..... Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin or clothing. Keep out of reach of children (oops) If swallowed, give glassful of water and call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately.
Thank God for google on my phone (I could write a post all about the wonders of google or how many times I use it a day, or even better how much I love google and its ability to know exactly what I am thinking) because I pulled it out of my pocket, googled poison control and within seconds had Iowa poison control on the phone. Great thing is that I called the first number that popped up and it was American poison control and it must have automatically transferred me to the Iowa Poison control center. I relayed to the man on the other line all what had taken place and he told me just to get her to drink something so it could dilute what was in her system. She wasn't taking anything from the sippy cup in my hand, so as the guy was talking I was pouring milk into another sippy cup but that wasn't what she wanted either. The man said if I could get at least 2 oz. in her that would really help. So then I got a regular cup out of the cabinet and filled it with water and she finally started to drink. I thanked the man and he said he would call back in an hour to check up. I watched our little girl like a hawk. She started pulling at her tongue so I tried to check in her mouth for chemical burns, which the guy said would most likely happen if anything. But nothing. Thank the Lord. An hour later our little girl was just like normal. Mommy was pretty shaken up but we survived. It just reminds me of how much "danger" is around our kids at all times and it makes this already "hands-full" mom feel like she can't let her kids out of her sight. BUT I know that isn't realistic. I am just blessed that the Lord protect her from having any real damage and mommy and Gigi will be more cautious in what we have open in the kitchen or bathrooms from now on. Lil Miss went on to eat fried rice for supper and it was like nothing ever happened.


  1. That is so scary! Our little one is not yet crawling but I'm already thinking we are going to have our hands full when she does. I might just go program Poison Control into my contacts right now.

  2. I do what I can!! I still think you should have left the BBgun out and around for the kids ;)