Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Aggie!!

Okay this post is a day late, but that is not because I forgot my grandma's birthday. We actually thought about her quite a bit yesterday, I blame my husband who pushed me to my limit helping him with the hardwood floor with no time to do anything. How can anyone forget my grandma turned 105!! Grandma Aggie is quite the woman. If I am ever complaining about all the work I have to do and feel overwhelmed, I think of my grandma. That woman put in some tough days at the "office" growing up. She lived on a farm and she did not shy away from doing work. She did the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and even had her in-laws living with them for awhile ALL while raising 3 children. Even at 90 some years old she was getting up on ladders to clean out gutters. I admire her. I only wish she was still able to teach me a few things. There were so many years that we would go up to her house after school and I would have NO interest in her sewing in the back room. Yes, I remember her closet full of patterns, bobbins, thread, and fabric galore but I had no desire to sit down and have her teach me to sew. Now, 20 years later I wish I had took an interest because this sewing stuff is fun! I did take an interest in card-playing though and I played a few hundred games with that lady in our time. I love my grandma Aggie and my kids do to. One day Gigi asked if she could call grandma Aggie and ask her to come and play. It almost broke my heart to hear that. I had to explain to her that she is in a nursing home where there are people to help her. She then told me to call them to let her grandma "play". I laughed! Gigi only met grandma Aggie once but she must have made an impression. I am the queen of pictures and the kids have seen many a pictures of Grandma Aggie and I have told them stories like..... "Grandma Aggie used to go to school in a one room school house" (told when Rosie was learning about schools way back when) "These are Grandma Aggie's famous cookies" (while making Butterscotch cookies every Christmas) "Grandma Aggie didn't like her name either. She thought Agatha was a horrible name, but don't we think it's beautiful now! " (used when Rosie was going through a period when she didn't want to be called Rosetta) .... I could go on and on. They especially laugh when I show them really old pictures (like before I was born!! LOL) of grandma in plaid pants or playing golf. They cannot believe that is Grandma Aggie!!!

In less than 2 weeks Gigi will turn 5 and her and Grandma Aggie are almost exactly 100 years apart. Isn't that amazing?!? Maybe that is why they are such kindred spirits. Love you Grandma and Happy Birthday a Day Late!!! Love, Lynn {4 generation picture taken Nov 2010}

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