Monday, February 6, 2012

Doggy baths, Valentines, and More

Our weekend is over and it is already Tuesday. I am glad I took a few pictures this weekend to remember it all since it went by in a blur. Mostly a dusty sawdust covered blur... but a blur nonetheless.
On friday night the dogs desperately needed a bath so into the shower they went. I had two big helpers (bubba in the shower and Gigi on drying duty) to make the process go smoothly. they came out smelling like roses!!! Yeah, now we don't mind snuggling on the couch. :-) {wet dog smell going bye-bye}

{empanada dough}
For Friday night dinner I rolled out some empanadas. This brought back memories for Nate and I since the last time we had an empanada was in Colombia we went on a mission trip for Opportunity International. Mine weren't as good as the ones munched on the streets of Bogota but they were still good. Gigi loved the "innards" to the empanadas and Lil Miss loved the crust.
{roasted Brussel sprouts and butternut squash for vegetable lasagna} On Saturday morning while the boys were at the basketball game, mommy quickly whipped up a vegetable lasagna. It was a HUGE disappointment to Daddy who knew I was making lasagna but when he got home it wasn't the traditional kind. it did not receive any stars on a scale of 1-5 since mommy was the only one who liked it. You win some you lose some, right? {my little helper} I do have the stuff to make traditional lasagna and will pop that out this week so daddy will forgive me for fooling with his favorite meal. :-)
{we bring you this commercial break for a sing off!}

{I know who my heart belongs too!!!}

So we worked hard and long but the floor is done!! Hallelujah, Hallelujah!! {Hallelujah Chorus is running through my head right now as a theme song for this post!} There were many splinters, sore backs and knees, a few cuss words, and lots of sweat but it is done and it sure is preeeettttyyyy. It wasn't til 3:45 on Sunday afternoon til the last piece was in place. I think Nate milked out this project long enough. HAHA I was guilted into helping all weekend to complete it (many other chores around the house went undone) and on Sunday it finally happened.

{one more row....hurry up Nate, I want my house back}

There is still some more things to do like put the trim back up but I have already claimed the rooms back. I was sweeping the floor and curtains and nooks in the ceiling as Nate was putting in the few last rows. Getting antsy I couldn't wait for the construction to be done. I immediately started to haul all his tools and "stuff that does not go in my house" out to a pile in the garage. I got vetoed in carting the air compressor out the door because apparently he needs that for the trim so for now the air compressor is an accessory in my otherwise starting to become back to normal house. I wiped down the icky walls covered in sawdust and dirt and little by little I saw my paint color back. We finished up with all our work just in time for the Super Bowl. Okay that isn't entirely true, we DVR'd the Super Bowl just so Nate could go get Ice Cream for Whitey's for Supper and then we started to watch the game.... or the commercials which was the only thing I was watching. I had big plans to make a nice meat and cheese tray and some spinach pin wheels and some dessert for the Super Bowl..... but that wasn't happening when I was exhausting myself on the floor all day.

{the dust... I wasn't kidding}
{the dust is gone!!!!}

Oh and don't tell ... but we also had popcorn and Doritos at half time -- or when you watch with DVR... sped up football game so the kids can watch halftime and go to bed. :-)

{we made ourselves nice and comfy and we were all in our pjs}

Mommy tired to relax in front of the tv and forget the mess that was still upstairs and in the garage... I was somewhat successful. The next morning though I was up and cleaning and getting rid of more dust bunnies.
{the foyer.... and a model who wanted to be in every picture}
{still a mess in the living room.... but mommy only has so many hours in a day!!!}
{our dining room!!!!!}

{What you can't see is the layer of sawdust on everything in my garage}
This is what happens to a space during a project. Can't wait til this is all cleaned up too!!! We had to take a break from cleaning and putting in the floor this past weekend to make valentines for a play date for Lil Miss and Gigi on Monday.

{thanks pinterest for helping us come up with cute ideas for v-day cards}
{making Lil Miss's valentines}

{baby friendly valentines... teddy grahams}

{Lil Miss all dressed up to go out}

The playdate was at Barnes and Noble and the Quad City Moms Blog hosted this little get together. It is always a good time. There was reading time, the passing out of the valentines, and free ice cream. Need we say more? You can visit their blog at I am actually the lucky recipient of their mommy makeover next month!!! I can't wait. Any suggestions on how to change up my hair?

{the three of us at the playdate-- great picture huh?}

Don't judge Lil Miss's bambam type pony tail. She was blessed with thick hair like her mommy and it is too thick to keep down and too straight to lay down in a pony tail. I ha the cute clip to snap in to pull the ponytail to lay down.... but Lil Miss kept yanking it out. So this is how she looks most days. It works and is practical... just like her mommy's do.

{gigi was enraptured in the story}

{yesterday wore our little baby out!}

{first family dinner since floor is done!}

The most wonderful news of all that I can post about is that we finally have the big dinner table back in the dining room and last night we were able to all sit down at the table and enjoy a family meal. It might just have been left overs, but it was family time. We went around the table telling what each one did today and I think we really missed this time in the last month. Here's to many more family dinners!!

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  1. WOW! The floor looks amazing! Nice work :)

    I can't wait till my little one has enough hair to actually do anything with. She's still a little tennis ball right now!