Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School's Out

Another one bites the dust.  
The 2013 - 2014 school year is over. 
I now have a fourth grader.  YIKES! 
The kids have grown so much in the last year. 
Looking at pictures from 9 months ago on the first day of school, they seem so little.  
{First day of Third Grade}
{Last day of Third Grade}
{First day of Second Grade}
{Last day of Second Grade}
{First day of First Grade}
{Last day of First Grade}
I love our school's traditions.  
On the first and last days of school the parents and kids all gather around the flag pole. 
There's a moment of silence and the flag is lowered for the last time that year.
What a great way to end the school year! 
Mrs. Z was both Rosie and Bubba's second grade teacher.  
Gigi was sad not to get her this year, but we will see her in the halls. 
There were lots of good friendships made this year, 
even secret handshake friends.
I always throw a welcome to summer party.  
The kids get to have a friend over and celebrate summer. 
I had lunch ready to go and a cooler full of water balloons prepped for them as 
soon as they got home.  
It was a slaughter with boys vs. girls.  
 {Gigi and her friend Sarah}
{Rosie and Emily} 
The first full official day of summer was yesterday and we started with a bang.  
The kids and I got a 4 mile bike/walk done, a trip to the library, playground 
fun, and lunch at Steak n Shake all complete before noon.  
The kids are all full of spunk and already have this momma worn out.  
How many more days of summer break? 
Just kidding.  
We are having a ball.  We have lots of plans already on the calendar so 
I am sure the summer will be over before we know it.  
We know its summer when we have to bath in sunscreen and bug spray 
and check for ticks.   Lil Miss was a victim of those little buggers yesterday. 
We noticed it after watering the garden in the morning. 
Rosie screamed when she noticed a bug on Lil Miss' arm.  
That did nothing to calm the little girl down. 
After a little intensive care by mommy with a tweezers and a match, the little guy was out.  
Gigi made a lovely note for Lil Miss with a "full size" tick on the front and sincere heartfelt concern on the inside.  
That's summer though, and you never know what to expect.  
Off to our first summer adventure.... Ohio.  
Columbus see you in 7 hours! 

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