Thursday, June 26, 2014

10 Years...

How can time go so fast and yet feel like "just yesterday" at the same time?
As I look at photos of us from 19 years ago, I see how really young we were. 
At the same time, I can still remember the summer we met at band camp (oh yes we did)
and the nicknames we gave to each other as we became the best of friends. 
The long phone calls to each other as our friendship grew and the 
moment you asked me "so, do you want to be my girlfriend?"
Then I think of all of the memories we have made and 
it would be impossible to list all the adventures we have had. 

This day 10 years ago, was picture perfect. 
I remember white puffy clouds in the sky, perfect June temperatures and 
the anticipation of marrying my best friend. 

 We had the best wedding party.  
Goofy, fun and ready to party! 

 We have had our share of ups and downs the last 10 years as well, 
but I had you there to hold my hand and talk me through everything.  
You always made me feel better and knew just what to say. 
You loved me at my darkest time and when I wanted to push 
everyone away you held me close and didn't let me go.  
10 years later, our house is filled with laughter, Legos, princess shoes, 
barbies, more toys than we can count. 
It really is more than we could have ever dreamed. 
10 Years
522 Weeks
3652 Days
3 Miscarriages
4 Children
3 Cities
2 Houses
1000s of welcome home kisses
Only one first kiss

You were my first kiss 19 years ago.  
Who would have ever imagined those two young kids would 
grow up and become us?
I am more in love with you every day.  
Seeing you with our kids makes me so happy. 
I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found my 
"happily ever after."

To many more years. 

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  1. Congrats! You two are an amazing couple with an amazing family! Here's to many more years! Hope you celebrate it right this weekend. ;)