Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer is under way

Swimsuits, sunscreen, and ice cream. 
The three major staples of summer! 
We are halfway through June and I am glad to say we are enjoying our summer. 
Lots of camps, baseball/tball games, sleepovers, and activities but we have managed to carve out 
time to enjoy the summer as a family.  
We are going on our fourth camping trip this weekend.  
The kids look forward to the new adventures every weekend.  
This past weekend it was West Lake. 
This campground is only 20 minutes from our house.
We are so lucky to have so many campgrounds and scenic areas so close to our front door.  

 There were lots of trails to explore,
in the morning, in the afternoon, and even at sunset. 
 I also can't talk about camping without talking about what we 
stuff our faces with.  
We really indulged over Father's Day weekend.
I surprised Nate with homemade ice cream and that was a big hit after a 
hot Saturday afternoon.   

 I also tried my hand at loaded french fries over the fire.  
They were delicious and super easy.  
 {Foil Wrapped Loaded French Fries}
 We don't eat the whole time... we do find things to keep us busy. 
This week I pulled out some paper crafting I had bought and we put together some 
Chinese dolls.  

We had a good time and tried to pamper daddy.  
The kids were so excited to give him his gift Sunday morning.  
They got him a snow-cone maker.  
It was between a cotton candy maker or snow-cone machine, and snow-cones won out. 
We have already gotten a lot of use out of it.   
Snow-cones... a great way to stay cool! 

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