Thursday, June 19, 2014

Columbus Trip

Even though our Columbus trip feels like forever ago, I finally got 
these photos off my phone to post.  

My kids love hanging out with their cousins.
Can't forget Lincoln's brithday at El Vaquero.  
He was such a good sport. 

And then we celebrated in the morning with doughnuts.  
You can never have enough celebrations! 
We made it to Granville to see Uncle Dennis and Aunt Dini's new place. 
It is spectacular!  The kids loved the woods surrounding the house.  

The whole reason we went home was for this guy's 
graduation.  I can't believe he is all grown up and graduating and stuff.  
Things like this make me feel old. 
On Sunday, I just couldn't get in the spirit to leave, so I was easily persuaded to stop at the 
Zoo before we made the journey back to Iowa.  
More time with the cousins.. of course! 
Before this picture was snapped the kid's had a real education 
on polar bear "wrestling".  
What are they doing Mommy?
Beth and Scott looked like natural with 7 kids.  
I think they need to add to their crew.  
I all smiles remembering our 5 day trip. 

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