Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red, White and Boom

July Fourth means Grandma Judy's in Tennessee.  
This year was no exception. 
We love going to Norris Lake.  
The views, the family time, the food, and of course 
 We came down to Tennessee to find a huge pine tree (I mean Mammoth) had fallen over in a storm. 
Luckily the tree missed both docks as it fell into the water.  
The root system alone is astonishing. 
Everyday we spent our time in either the boat or the pool.  
It's the way vacations are supposed to be spent. 

 The mornings were so peaceful.  
With the sun shining in the windows, I was able to be up before the crew and get 
a little reading done.  I had brought a book from the library and 
actually had time to read it.  I even finished the book in 2 days!! 
Oh, how I love books.  The smell, the wonderful words describing every detail of the scene, the emotional roller coaster they take you on (yes I cried), I am just a lover of all books.  
When I wasn't reading or swimming or busy getting an awesome tan, I was running. 
I am so proud of Rosie and Bubba.  
They completed their first adult 5K on Saturday and man did they have to work for it.  
The course is basically set on the side of a mountain and at times it felt like you were going straight up or straight down.  Rosetta rocked it out in 37 minutes.  
Bubba and I finished holding hands at 42 minutes.  
We cooled off in the pool after that. 

   On Saturday night, we watched the fireworks from the Lake.  
Everyone was decked out in their red, white, and blue to celebrate. 

 {Uncle Nate and Lincoln}
 There was lots of fascination with the sparklers. 
Lil Miss was the only one too scared to touch them.    

Strike a Pose
 Up way past our bedtimes, we all got a spot on our dock to watch the light show.  
Last year, the fireworks were cancelled due to rain but this year the weather couldn't have been more perfect. 

 Ooohs  and Aaaaahs. 
Fireworks are always so beautiful.  
The next morning we packed up our van and headed back to Iowa.  
We had a 10 hour drive but we broke it up with a few pit stops. 
The first pit stop was lunch in Corbin, Kentucky at the original KFC. 
For the past 15 years Nate has passed the brown sign on the side of I-75 and 
mentioned we should stop there.  
This time he was driving and it was 11:30 and there wasn't a reason to not stop. 
The had a life size Colonel Sanders, KFC original artifacts, the original kitchen 
that was used to cook the original recipe chicken legs, and food.  
We love KFC! 
Another great Fourth of July!

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  1. I love these pictures and your beautiful family! you have such great adventures :) Congrats on the 5K to all 3 of you!!!! i have one coming up and I'm getting so nervous...I'm a little out of running shape ;)