Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Boys

Every year I find a little time to shoot a few pictures of Beth's boys and their family. 
Her boys are super cute and I love how I can always manage to 
get them to smile for me.  Even if it does take me acting pretty silly and short of me standing on my head.
They have grown so much.  
Lincoln has grown leaps and bounds just from his birthday at the beginning of June. 
Here are their pics from last year. 
The littlest Reed, well he is just the best baby in the world.  
No Lie. 
 Beth and Scott sure have a lot of memories here in Tennessee. 
It is where they were engaged and where they were married. 
 {The family}

 I love taking these shots.  
It challenges me each year to think outside the box and find a 
new place to capture these boys smiles. 
 Little Boys are the Cutest! 

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