Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's Camp

Two weekends in a row we have been living in our home away from home. 
The camper. 
It's been opened up, aired out, and put back to it's homey self. 
While camping we get our share of fresh air. 
 We do tons of exploring, geocaching, and hiking.  
Off the beaten path beauty makes me giddy.  
The kids are getting better and better with hiking every time we go out. 
Lil Miss' legs are getting strong enough that we can get about 1 1/2 miles
before she begs to be carried.   
We finally pulled the backpack out of the camper because neither Nate or I's backs 
can handle carrying her in that anymore.  She is on her own.
Time to keep up with the big boys.  
Last weekend we were bundled up with stocking caps, gloves, and sweatshirts the entire weekend.  
This weekend we were sweating in tank tops and shorts.  
Neither weather environment ruined our trip, we made the most out of sunny skies! 
 {our crew} 
 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner under the canopy of oak trees... I'm not complaining. 
 We camped at a place about 40 minutes away. 
Johnson- Sauk Trail Park. 
They have a beautiful round red barn for tours.  
This park is where we took the camper the very first time we took it out.  
 {throw back to 2 years ago-- 2012}
One of the few times we have actually frequented a campground that we have all ready been.  
Both Nate and I like to explore new places so unless the place is awesome we tend to 
try new places to camp. This place is pretty scenic and beautiful. 

 {the girls and I -- hunting treasure aka. geocaching}
We drove home last week from camping with the kids tuckered out.  
Lil Miss and Archie lasted 10 minutes before they were snoozing. 
 During the week, we have been busy every night.  
The last bit of school before summer break seems to be filled with lots of activities.  
For the first time all year, the kids have been up past their bedtime twice.  
We run a pretty strict bedtime ritual during the week, but mommy seems to be loosening up!  LOL
On Monday night, the Quad City Moms Blog held a family night at our local baseball 
minor league baseball stadium and the kids enjoyed every minute.  
 When I have had time in the mornings, we have been tending to the garden. 
Lots of weeding, watering, and cutting flowers for the table.  
As of this morning everything has popped out of the ground.  
We have: tomatoes, peppers, snap peas, kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes, 
zucchini, pumpkins, cantaloupe, carrots, and watermelon.  
More on that in another post. 
  {baby zucchini plants like all the love we are giving them} 
When we aren't busy with activities, our house is the hub of neighborhood.  
I am not complaining.  I would much rather have other kids at our house, than 
my kids running around the neighborhood.  
I keep my freezer stocked with popsicles for all the extra mouths! 
By Friday, we were back at the campground this time with shorts packed.  
On Saturday we took a drive and were playing at a park when a ice cream truck drove by.  
It had bubbles blowing out the back of the truck... how cute is that! 
The kids didn't have to do much convincing to talk Daddy into buying.   
 We ate our ice cream treats while watching the big boats on the Illinois River.  

 We started this morning on a LEGO camper kit.  
We have a pretty good start on it.  The kids took turns putting 
parts of it together.  Lil Miss played with the little canoe and people that came with.
Nothing to exciting but we had a good time. 
Gigi said it best when she scribbled this on the driveway while we were emptying the camper.  
"I love caping"  Camping... but you get the idea. 

3 weeks until our next camping adventure.  

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