Monday, May 12, 2014

Love is all I Need

I am feeling utterly blessed.  
After this wonderful weekend/week, I am feel like the belle of the ball. 
Nate and the kids have spoiled me all week.  
I have gotten hand written notes all week and a special gift everyday for the last week. 
Nate has reminded me (about a dozen times) that he has out done himself, so I will 
not have high expectations next year.  Okay, Honey? 
But I felt the love this week.  
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous too, so who doesn't love that? 
Lil Miss and I have been spending our days buying flowers for the yard 
and vegetables for the garden. 
Everything is in full bloom around here.  
With such a bad cold winter, I was wondering if all my plants 
would make it and it looks like sadly I lost a pear tree in the back yard. 
Oh well, off to the nursery to replace it! 
"Mom, get that one and that one and that one!"
{windowbox in progress}
We have gotten in a routine, Lil Miss and me, on watering the pots in the
morning after the kids go to school.  
Sometime watering is dangerous work, so we make sure to wear safety gear!  LOL
The garden has bloomed and we have sprouts peeking through the soil.  
Even our meals have gotten fresher and spring-ier.  Yes I just made a word up, 
but what else describes colorful food on our plate that is good for you.  
Oh yeah...... Vegetables.  
The kids have started full board into spring sports.  
We spend many nights at baseball games, volleyball games, 
and now track practice. 

{father and son]
For the weekend, I got to call the shots.  
The world was my oyster, and I would like to think I wasn't that demanding. 
I requested a picnic outside under the crabapple tree, hiking, exploring nature and 
a Habeneros.  I would like to say I was pretty easy to please. 
{the making of flower crowns}

Flower crowns... even for the boy! 
Since Rosie has started running track, I have promised her
that we would start running together.  On Saturday we
got our first run in.  I am totally in awe of my girl.
1.28 miles in and she wasn't breaking a sweat.
Double the mileage next time.

On Sunday, I woke up to breakfast cooked by my favorite people.
I won't lie, Nate's breakfasts are my favorite!
He wows me with his concoctions of delicious breakfast food.
Mother's day morning he did not disappoint.
Strawberry Confetti Pancakes... Yum!
My "day" was perfect with no where to really be. 
We went out and hiked a park near by and discovered new areas so close to our house.  
Nature so intrigues me!

The ones who call me Mom.  

I became a mom almost five years ago, and no one 
could have ever described to me how it feels.  It is truely the 
best feeling ever to have someone love you so.  
The best part is all the handwritten notes that said why I was the best mom. 
"because you kiss me goodnight"
"because you cook me my favorite meal... mac and cheez"
"There's no one like you"

I love every part of being a mommy. 

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