Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missing Daddy

It is a dreary Wednesday morning... blah! The girls and I had errands on the agenda this morning but who wants to go out in this stuff? So I cleaned a little and then found an excuse to sit at the computer just a little bit while lil miss sleeps. Gigi is watching "Super Why" one of her favorite shows and it is about Rapunzel so she is enthralled! Daddy left for a recruiting trip yesterday so we have been coping at night without him around. It makes mommy's job so much tougher. The kids really miss him while he is gone. On Sunday Gigi was wearing her "My heart belongs to Daddy" shirt and said I want to wear this everyday. (this is not far from the truth!) I asked her why, and she replied because daddy is working or sleeping and I don't get to see him very much and I love him! awwww... by the way I was busting out laughing because he had just slept in that morning and I always give him a hard time for sleeping in on the weekend. On Monday night Daddy left to get his haircut and when he left you would think he was leaving for a year... here are the girls sad to see daddy go....


I am so happy daddy caught this moment on camera because there are so many things mommy misses! It is crazy after school and getting crazier. We have gotten into a good routine after school getting into more activities is making our schedule messier. Bubba started martial arts last night. It went Great! He was all smiles and told us all about the round kicks and front kicks and how he is not supposed to fight with his sisters... but can with his dad at home! :-) He has to learn to count in Korean and learn the tenets of TaeKwonDo. I think he will really like to learn marital arts.
Gigi is just content hanging out with mommy at home. I signed her up for swimming lessons so she will be starting that in a few weeks. In the mean time she will be reading to the dogs on a daily basis.

Lil miss is growing like a weed. I can't wait to go for her 12 month check up to see how much she has grown!!

She is eating more and more big kid food and I think I have bought my last baby food. WooHoo! While in her high chair she insists she is fed until taken out of high chair. She will just keep piling it in. My little moo cow!

{what me!}
While downloading my camera pics to the computer I noticed that I have about 40 pictures taken by gigi random pics around the house. She caught mommy typing away on the computer.

Well, I hear the thunder... I just might keep my sweats on this morning and keep plugging away on my to do list. I think I crossed off about 5 things this morning.. let's see how many more I can get done before the older kids get home. Here's to hoping!!

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