Monday, October 3, 2011

Fa Fa Fall!!

This weekend had lots of family time. On Friday night and Saturday morning Nate and I got some work done and put up a new over head light in the kitchen. It is sooooo much better than the previous hideous fluorescent light that was up. Nate also put up some new storage in the garage.... organization must be wearing off on him because he has all these ideas how to make his tools more organized! Makes mommy happy!!!! :-) Saturday afternoon mom had her first volunteer opportunity at the kids school for their school festival. I sold raffle tickets and had a great chat with a mother of one of Rosie's classmates. It was a great way to meet people! Yeah! Daddy brought the kids to the festival at the end of my shift and they got to play all kinds of games, fill up on sugar, see classmates, and have loads of fun. Somehow mommy and daddy left the festival with pounding headaches... go figure! That night daddy went to a birthday party for one of our friends and mommy stayed home, put the kids in bed, and crashed herself. I was tired!!!
Sunday morning the kids were up at the crack of dawn. We had all the baths done, breakfast ate, kids all dressed up, and in the car by church at 9! Now this is an amazing task!! With daddy's help this was possible! { On our way to the pumpkin patch}
The weather was so beautiful on Sunday, that we just had to enjoy it. So we called our friends and decided to meet at the pumpkin patch.

Not far away we found a cute pumpkin patch that was just waiting for 4 crazy kids to run through its fields searching for just the right pumpkins. Daddy was in charge pushing the cart through the field... the girls were in charge of steering! YIKES!

{Can he get any cuter?}

There were lots of cats at the pumpkin farm.... gigi liked playing with them. She said we should take one home. NOT! I told her the kitty would not get along with dodger and Archie. And that is the truth... no telling what dodger would do to a poor little kitty. It wouldn't know what hit it!
{reverse of roles on steering and pushing... not sure what scenario was better?}

I love fall. It is so beautiful with the leaves changing colors, piles of leaves on the ground, layering of clothes, pumpkins, fall decorations.... and an excuse to eat caramel apples!!! It is just the most wonderful time of year to spend with family and do so many things that are a family tradition. the goats were a big hit too! Until daddy wanted to feed gigi to them. :-)

Baby Olivia was picture perfect at the pumpkin patch!

Lil Miss found just the right pumpkin. It was almost as tall as her! Gigi was a big helper trying to keep her little sis from crawling in the dirt.

{the kids were all smiles}

All in all we packed the van with 105 lbs. of pumpkin! Now that sounds like alot but that is only 6 big pumpkins for carving and 6 small white pumpkins for decorations. That would have cost me an arm and a leg at the grocery store but here it was 1/2 that price. Good to Daddy's ears! :-)
After the pumpkin patch we took a drive. The weather was amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better day. There are so many awesome sites in this new city we live in. Driving over the Mississippi almost everyday is just surreal. The Bridge is just beautiful. I love discovering these new sites and sharing them with the kids. They love crossing the bridge and seeing the water.

We have lived here just a month and it is feeling more and more like home. The house everyday seems to have less and less on floor and countertops and more and more in its rightful place. Just tonight I finally sat down with Rosie and went thorugh her room and put things away on her desk and found places for her books and made a spot for everything so she knows where to put it. She only needs her canopy put up.... (hardware is purchased and canopy is stting on end of bed, just waiting for daddy to finish this one) and a shelf and hook put up and we are done with her room. Bubba's room was finished today too. I put up some drapes and that is that! I feel so accomplished and I can't always say that. I even have got to have some great time with the kids too! I taught the kids how to play PIG this weekend so we have gotten in a few games everyday after school. That really makes my day when I can put the dust rag down and pick up some sidewalk chalk and scribble the ABC's on the driveway. Now, I don't do that everytime they ask.. shame on me... but a few days I do and I am happier for it. The dusting can wait!

So as for my fallwish list we can check off pumpkin patch on the list. 7 more on my Fall Bucket List to Go!!!

1. bonfire with smores

2. apple picking

3. Photoshoot in a big pile of leaves (thinking about hopping into our neighbor's pile in the front yard... is that inconsiderate?)

4. bake a pie.... ohhhhhh how I can't wait to make a pie. Will it fit in my diet though?

5. Go on a Hay Ride

6. Go on a walk and collect pretty colored leaves that have fallen to the ground

7. Decorate pumpkins

Can't wait to check off more on my bucket list!!!

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